Nonfungible.com joins the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab

We're glad to announce that we've been accepted to the Entrepreneur Lab program from Ubisoft! A new adventure is starting for us... and many other!

besancia ·  · 05/12/21 ·  2 min


For 6 years now, Ubisoft has been running a startup incubation program called the Entrepreneur Lab and in recent years, the French video game publisher has started to take an interest in Blockchain…and NFTs! Several well known projects have already benefited from this program, such as Sorare and Axie Infinity.

Today, we are pleased to announce that for the 6th season of its incubation program, NonFungible.com has been chosen to participate! But we won’t be alone, to accompany us in this adventure here are the other participants in the season:

Two themes will be addressed during this season: Blockchain and Positive Entertainment, with the aim of exploring the possibilities offered by this technology, in particular for the future of video games and more generally, Entertainment. 

The first theme will be one of the main purposes behind this season which is to explore all the possibilities offered by Blockchain in the Entertainment Industry.

The second will focus more on the positive influence that different Projects can bring to their Communities.

Having the positivity that emerges from the different games is part of Ubisoft’s commitments, as explained by Virginie Haas, Chief Studios Operating Officer at Ubisoft and sponsor of this 6th season:

The Entrepreneurs Lab is a great program for innovative startups to collaborate closely with Ubisoft and for us to mutually benefit from each other’s expertise and ideas. In addition to our continued focus on Blockchain, this season’s track on creating positive impacts through entertainment is perfectly aligned with Ubisoft’s mission to enrich players’ lives through original and memorable game experiences. We are excited to welcome these startups to the program and start shaping the future of entertainment together.

We’re looking forward to starting this program which promises to be rich in exchanges, experiences and collaborations!

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