MLB Champions gets listed on

You are a big fan of baseball and blockchain? Amazing, so are we!


You are a big fan of baseball and blockchain? Amazing, so are we! is glad to announce the listing of MLB Champions this week: the first ever licensed MLB game on the blockchain!

What? You don’t know MLB Champions yet?

MLB Crypto Baseball allows you to buy and collect on the Ethereum Blockchain all the iconic MLB players.

The pre-sale of these trading cards started on August 13th at 9 pm PST. The pre-sale has three item classes for a total of 15,001 items. That’s 500 for each of the 30 teams plus 1 special trophy.

You’ll just need one figure to play the game, but the more figures you own, the more chance you have to unlock a new figure, so the goal is definitely to complete a whole team.

Watch the video presenting Crypto Figures on YouTube:

Some figures about MLB Champions

In 2018, MLB Champions was the 12th biggest NFT project in terms of transaction volume with a little more than 100 000 transactions.

MLB Champions ranking per transactions volume in 2018  –  Data from NFT Yearly Report

Regarding USD traded on smart contracts, MLB Crypto Baseball is the 8th biggest NFT projects, with a little more than $1.4 million traded in 2018.

MLB Crypto Baseball ranking per USD traded volume in 2018 – Data from NFT Yearly Report

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