NonFungible hosts the first BlockCities creator contest: Sept 24th to 27th

Are you the BIGGEST builder in town? Here’s your chance to prove your city-building abilities create the best city in BlockCities! Be the best and win exclusive, BlockCities collectibles.


BlockCities in a few words

BlockCities is an architecture building and collecting game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can build unique buildings using the “Mystery Machine” – an on-chain generative machine that takes in ETH and spits out unique buildings. In the future, users will be able to use their buildings in their very own digital city. 

Up until today, users can trade buildings on BoxSwap, collect their favourite ones, or buy and sell on OpenSea. You can also learn about the unique construction of your building by visiting the building profile page. Want to create your own unique building? Visit the Mystery Machine and start building!

Now today, users can begin experimenting with the gameplay and building mechanics within the Blockcities. The demo functionality is live and needs testers and feedback for further platform development.

Note: the contest is free to enter and entirely free to play. Users are able to build buildings via the Mystery Machine, for free, but this is not required to participate in the Creator Contest. On the city game demo, buildings are provided at no cost.

How to build my city (in the demo)?

In the BlockCities demo, building your city is child’s play.

In the demo, it is not necessary to use the Mystery Machine first to create your buildings

By clicking on “Demo” on, the demo will load directly to this interface presenting your playground, the bottom button allows you to place buildings, and the 4 coloured buttons on the top-right to create other land features.

Then simply click on the map to start laying your routes, and choose how your roads will be made, between these 4 options:

Here’s the result for each:

Did you make a mistake while laying down your roads? No stress, re-clicking on an existing road will make it disappear.

The bottom button displays the building you can use in your city. For now, you have the choice between 8 types of buildings, but soon a lot more will be available … 😉

Once you master these few features… it’s your turn to play!

How to participate in the Creator Contest?

To participate in the Creator Contest, you do not need to pay a single dollar.

Simply connect to the playable BlockCities demo, use the available buildings and arrange them to build an innovative, modern city that combines shapes and colours in the most original and interesting way possible.

Unleash your imagination!

  • Original motives?
  • Reproduction of real cities?
  • Tribute to a famous place or event?
  • Anything fun or impressive?

Enter the contest now!

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Demo” in the top Nav Bar
  3. Start assembling your dream city!
  4. Take screenshots of your city and post them to Twitter with the hashtag #blockcitiescreatorcontest
  5. Note: make sure to screenshot your city before closing your browser, navigating to another page on the website, or otherwise navigating away from the demo. The city does not save to your account.

Rules of the Contest

  1. The contest will run from Wednesday 09.24 00:01 AM UTC to Friday 09.26 23:59 PM UTC
  2. Every user can submit only ONE creation, your last entry before 09-26 23:59 PM will be used
  3. At the end of the creation phase, the jury (composed of and BlockCities boards) will meet to pick the most original creations. There will also be a crowd-vote facilitated on Twitter.

What are the prizes?

BlockCities and offer to the creators of the most original cities:

1st PLACE (picked by crowd)

BlockCities Times Building (only 1 in existence thus far)

303 Peachtree Tower

200 Vesey Building

2nd PLACE (picked by

180 N Stetson

3rd PLACE (picked by BlockCities)

330 Bush Building


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