MCP3D World: Metaverse is coming

From a simple platform where it was possible to exchange lands, MegaCryptoPolis has continued to evolve and is now taking things to the next level.

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If you like management games, you must have heard of MegaCryptoPolis! The game started in 2018 where it was possible to buy and sell different lands that had a system of interaction between them depending on their specificity.

The game saw an initial evolution during 2019 with the integration of 3D which was also the moment the team updated various rules and proposed a whole new system. We talked more about this in an article a few months ago that outlined all of these new features and what strategy to adopt before investing in the game.

In 2020, MCP3D opened up to the TRON community but above all integrated the principle of Decentralized Finance with the arrival of the $MEGA token in its economy, making this game evolve ever further with the spirit of the metaverse.

Today the announcement is official, MCP3D is experiencing a new evolution: World. What will be the changes in this update?

An increasingly decentralized management game

The goal of MegaCryptoPolis has always been to decentralize the use of their game as much as possible. Every building improvement, sale or destruction is recorded on the blockchain and not only does it allow anyone to check the state of the market but in addition, MCP publishes a weekly report to all players.

To avoid excessive transaction fees and allow users to continue using the game without worry, MCP3D has switched to Polygon for all transactions relating to Buildings, Citizens, Pets, Cars, Appliances and Packs. Lands, District, and $MEGA tokens are still on Ethereum’s mainnet.

We talked about this at greater length in our special edition of the MegaCryptoPolis Times but by creating their own exchange, players were able to have a price index established according to their choice and as a way to obtain materials individually rather than in a pack, which were not always needed.

It is important to specify here that the distribution of $MEGA has been left entirely to the players: the team has not been given any and no airdrops have taken place. All the rules were set from the start and it was actual player use that determined its price.

With all these elements in place, you might think that nothing was missing from the game and yet the demo that was announced for March 15th is impressive: it will soon be possible to access and especially move in MegaCryptoPolis!

The birth of a new metaverse

MCP3D World appartement

Until then we could say that the interactions were already very numerous, they will now be even more so with this next update! For example, one of the possibilities will be to enter buildings to visit them but you’ll also be able to buy and sell assets in real time inside the appartements and other rooms available for visit!

You should know that no more land will be mined, this means that from now on, the only real estate assets that will be able to be purchased from now on will be the apartments that will be created based on the improvement or destruction of buildings. This therefore leaves room for personalization effects like a real property owner!

MCP3D World piano

To achieve this, the various elements that can occupy the space will also be available in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens and can therefore be exchanged on the game’s internal marketplace but also on other external ones such as Opensea, Rarible or Cargo.

This new market, even closer to reality than before, will radically improve the user experience! The goal of creating a virtual world but with its own economy continues to continue and MCP3D: World promises to have a decentralized universe that closely resembles our world.

MCP3D World office

This multiplication of options will make it possible, for example, to buy a piano, sofas and other furnishings but also to bring personalized touches, for example in the halls of buildings…or professional offices! 

A planned demo

If you want to see what all these changes that are going to be made will look like, a demo of the game is scheduled for Monday March 15, 2021! In particular, it will allow you to visit the largest building in the game (and the most prestigious!) At three levels:

  • The lobby
  • The mayor’s office
  • A presentation of the 5 rooms that will be accessible from the Lobby

You should know that on this occasion the 5 rooms will be auctioned on the two blockchains used by MegaCryptoPolis: Ethereum and Tron.

MCP3D World lobby storefronts

Since the Main Tower is the only one of this size in the entire multiverse and all players will appear in the lobby, these rooms will therefore be the first places players can go!


With these new types of interactions with its decor and the teaser which already gives a good overview of the rendering, MegaCryptoPolis adds a new stone to the building of their project to further enrich their game.

MCP3D World unique building

With various partnerships yet to be announced, the implementation of other projects in this new multiverse will be able to further expand and above all, extend the possibilities that can take place there! And these are just the start of other developments to come in future such as staking or unique citizens…

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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