MegaCryptoPolis Times, special edition!

Since its launch, MegaCryptoPolis offers daily statistics of the game. Here is ours!

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A few weeks ago we reviewed MCP3D and looked at its developments and possibilities since its launch. The latest is the implementation of DeFI in their game mechanics thanks to their $MEGA token.

To finish our review of the game, we take a closer look at the evolution and trends in its economy.

The first very pleasant thing is the “MegaCryptoPolis Times”, an economic newspaper which describes the sales of land and materials, the % of unemployment, the evolution of the “Funds” or even natural disasters which took place the previous day.

MegaCryptoPolis are among the only ones to offer this service on a daily basis to its users.

To complete all the editions already published and to offer a new perspective to the players, we decided to analyse other indicators: Details of sales for each of MegaCryptoPolis’ asset classes as well as overall statistics.

Total volume of Sales

The following chart count begins on January 1, 2019 and ends on August 1, 2020.

total volume sales

The 1st generation Districts and Land were for sale until November 2019, they represented the world before MCP3D was on the blockchain.

These were then replaced by second generation Districts and Lands compatible with the macro-economy that had been implemented, these four 1st and 2nd Gen assets represent 52% of sales volume in dollars.

The reason for the 2nd Gen districts having such a high average price is explained by their low number. Of the 17 sales worth a total of $93,714, 6 took place in April 2020 for a total of $42,226.

Yet it is not the districts that have met with the greatest success but rather the more accessible plots of Land. Compared to the 18 districts, the 12,000 Lands that were created generated $580,803 or 82% of the USD District + Lands volume.

The Citizen market represents 53% of all sales and it’s important to know that it’s necessary to have several Citizen in order for a resource building to supply materials. They are therefore essential for anyone wanting to establish an economic strategy at MegaCryptoPolis!

The rather high price of pets is due to their usefulness as they are a real “booster” of Citizen skills. These 4393 virtual animals generated $228,156 or 16% of the total USD volume.

Accessories and vehicles, although even rarer, did not meet their audience. Between them 3410 sales represented 0.05% of the total number of sales and their USD volume, 0.02% of the total.

And finally, the materials market represents 11% of the USD volume and 12% of the sales volume. Until then, each sale corresponded to “packs” of 10 materials, but thanks to the implementation of the $MEGA token, the materials will be able to approach a fungibility status closer to reality.

Global trends

Over the period January 1st 2019 through September 1st 2020, we analysed the overall volume of transactions, dollars and unique users that took place in the universe of MegaCryptoPolis.

Volume and transactions 

total tx volume

Before MCP3D, it was only possible to exchange Lands (with a building on it or not) and in-game Districts. The gradual decline in transactions in 2019 is explained by the limited number of Land but also a maximum level of buildings.

In more than a year of no major gameplay changes, it looks like players have had time to establish a medium to long term operation that requires less action on their part.

MCP3D has brought a huge batch of novelty with it: Vehicles, pets, citizens, accessories, materials…in fact as many diverse NFTs as was needed to develop this new economy. The period of high transaction fees was almost fatal as the amount of the fee was greater than the value of the asset.

As of June 1, only 225 transactions took place compared to 37,246 the previous month.

Number of unique users

total volume unique user

Until the announcement of MCP3D, there was less and less active portfolio in the game, for the same reasons as for the transaction volume during this period.

The number of players has only increased thanks to the arrival of new game elements but after a peak at 923 active portfolios on March 1, 2020, the global market and then the increase in fees ended by reducing the number of active users down to 152.

Total USD Volume

total volume USD

Dollar volume marks MegaCryptoPolis’ three big events for this period: MCP3D’s increase in player numbers as well as the volume of assets to be traded peaks at $283,442 at the start of 2020.

Then follows a period of uncertainty over the global pandemic announcements that will soar thanks to widespread lockdowns. The volume of dollars traded beats its previous peak, reaching $286,114 as of April 1, 2020.

As of June 1, 2020, the 225 transactions still managed to generate $136,691 but that was not enough to get through this difficult period for the entire network and by September 1st the total dollar volume traded was down to $17,292.


During 18 months the game has seen many updates including a major; the switch to MCP3D at the end of summer 2019. It was during this migration that the game was able to radically develop its strategic potential.

The decline in MegaCryptoPolis’s business started during soaring transaction fees and like the vast majority of Dapps on Ethereum, continued through September.

Thanks to the $MEGA token and the implementation of DeFI, the game should begin to take on a new lease of life and this be an important turning point in its economy.

That said, MegaCryptoPolis is now two years old and has already been thinking about a business model where NFTs were used to generate ETH passively, The $MEGA. All we can say is that it has arrived at the right time and fits into the logical development continuation of the game.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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