MegaCryptoPolis evolves and goes DeFI!

The game of strategy and property management is taken to the next level!

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When MegaCryptoPolis moved to 3D a few months ago, that was just the start of a long series of updates. Indeed, the game has seen a lot of evolution since:

So many contributions to the game to continue to enrich the gameplay with significant events. Today, the game is raising the bar even higher and further enriching its already developed economic system, thanks to features from Decentralized Finance (DeFI) thanks to a partnership with MakerDAO.

How will this new update, which marks a turning point in the gaming economy, work out?

What are the impacts for the players?

Many, many updates

When MegaCryptoPolis was launched, there was only macro-economics. If you remember the article we wrote last year, well everything has changed for the better.

Indeed, from the system of influence to the way you manage your assets, the game is now much more complete and many gameplay upheavals have taken place.

The first big change in the game is in the buildings. From a simple network of influence communicating with each other, they now have one more utility:

  • Residential buildings produce citizens
  • Offices give citizens jobs
  • Commercial buildings train citizens and can change their appearance
  • Municipal buildings have insurance funds if there is any natural disasters
  • Mining buildings produce resources required to construct new buildings
  • Production buildings produce complex resources required to upgrade buildings
  • Industrial buildings produce Electricity and Water that is required for other buildings to operate

The second change concerns influence, now here is how the buildings depend on each other:

Each red arrow indicates the negative influence the building has on the other, unlike the green ones which indicate the positive influence.

The third change is the use of game resources. In fact, initially limited in number, they are “burned” as they are used! They are therefore increasingly rare and therefore more and more expensive.

Some resources are required for the construction of any building such as water or electricity and are only available in certain land locations.

Others, such as wood, metal, stone or sand are common resources that can be generated by production buildings. In particular, they will make it possible to manufacture more complex resources subsequently.

Finally, one of the latest changes is undeniably the support for the Tron blockchain! Every asset in the macroeconomics can be transferred from one blockchain to another, very easily, since March 2020!

According to DappRadar, this makes MegaCryptoPolis one of the most played games on this blockchain!

We could also talk about vehicles that influence building productivity, important locations that increase influence, or pets that boost your character’s stats, but we recommend that you read the full team guide instead! It will allow you to best develop your strategy between investor, worker or even insurer in the event of a natural disaster. 


Now that we’re up to date, let’s take a closer look at what DeFi will bring to the economy of MegaCryptoPolis.

We saw earlier the importance of resources for construction:

The only way to get it is through buildings that can produce it, but the problem lies elsewhere: if you wanted to sell it, it was only possible in packs of 100.

This is where the token issue by MCP3D comes in: $MEGA. Thanks to this ERC-20 token, it is now possible to buy or sell the amount of resources you want! The total amount of token has been pre-mined and locked in the “in-game vault,” which will now serve as the central space for all exchanges involving in-game materials.

The total amount of token has been pre-mined and locked in the “in-game vault,” which will now serve as the central space for all exchanges involving in-game materials. It not only makes it possible to optimize its purchases and sales but also ensures free trade as close as possible to its initial definition.

The fact that it is possible to buy or sell materials with $MEGA will fuel this vault and will greatly influence the economics of the game. The less $MEGA available in the safe, the less quickly citizens’ energy will regenerate and the slower buildings will be constructed.

If you want to get $MEGA, there are several ways. The most accessible if you are already a player is to deposit the produced resources in the safe. If you are new to playing MegaCryptoPolis, you will need to go through decentralized exchanges like Uniswap or go through exchanges against other players.

Its use will not only be limited to buying or selling materials, but you can also participate in pools of liquidity in order to earn interest. And yes, the $MEGA also acts as Liquidity Mining! To achieve this feat, the team has partnered with MakerDAO. This brings many advantages such as a 30% discount if you buy your citizen packs with DAI!

Finally, with transactions now going through the MATIC sidechain, the fees will be a distant memory.

If you are still not convinced by the seriousness of the game, we are preparing an article for you which will allow you to form an objective opinion on a market analysis since the launch of MCP3D on all the aspects mentioned in this article.

And if you prefer to have a preview of the game, feel free to follow this tutorial, a citizen will be offered to you if you follow it to the end!


Following the process of creating a completely decentralized economy, MCP3D was already a pioneer thanks to its innovative gameplay from the start. The implementation of DeFI in a blockchain game is something new, however, and achieving this achievement marks a significant development in this sector!

It is therefore notable that DeFI is not just a hype element for games such as MegaCryptoPolis! This use mixed with that of NFTs gives a glimpse of the evolution which will surely take a lot of games in the future!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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