Gameplay review of Brave Frontier Heroes

Following the recent partnership between the Brave Frontier license and My Crypto Heroes, we took an interest in this newcomer who managed to create a buzz from its first steps into the ecosystem. Are the crossroads between My Crypto Heroes and Brave Frontier laying the foundation for tomorrow's blockbuster gaming experience?

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On January 30th 2020, the game “Brave Frontier Heroes” was released, a mix between the eponymous game Brave Frontier and My Crypto Heroes, the 4,000-player game that has long occupied our Weekly Top #10 by Active Wallets. One of the first mixes of genres between a “traditional” game and a “blockchain” game.

This 8-bit style “Idle-RPG” was announced a few months ago with a rather simple concept: the gameplay of My Crypto Heroes with Brave Frontier characters. We tried it and the promise is kept, the mix is well done! But what exactly are their differences or similarities? Does BFH have what it takes to be successful?

Gameplay of Brave Frontier Heroes

If you are not familiar with My Crypto Heroes, we suggest you read our introductory article on our blog. This will give you an explanation of the basics of the game.

If you’re familiar with My Crypto Heroes, you won’t be out of place, it’s pretty much the same gameplay. Here’s how to play the game in 9 steps:

  1. Send units on quests or to battle in the arena
  2. Earn exp and items
  3. As the units get more powerful, send them on higher-level quests or against players with higher rank
  4. As you earn spheres, convert old ones you no longer need to exp, and sell it to other players for ZEL
  5. Use ZEL to buy exp and/or new, more powerful units
  6. Earn original spheres from playing in higher-level areas or gaining PvP rank
  7. Use original spheres to quest in even higher levels or gain more rank
  8. When you no longer need a sphere, sell it for ETH
  9. Go back to step 1 to upgrade your units

The main difference lies in the typology of elements against which your characters will be effective or vulnerable depending on their characteristics.

Depending on the type of enemies you will face, you will have to prepare a suitable team!

Just like My Crypto Heroes, we believe there will soon be the ability to edit the graphics of your characters to modify their skills. We haven’t been able to identify the exact rules of Art Edit on Brave Frontier Heroes yet, but if it works like on My Crypto Heroes, it’s the chromatic dominance of your creation that will determine your character’s new skills 😉

This feature is not yet available at the time of writing this article (February 2020).

Rocket launch? 

According to some media reports, the launch of Brave Frontier Heroes was a success from day one. Dappradar and Dapp.com registered about 700 players, the equivalent of 900 Ethereum traded… But OpenSea, on its side, registered only a low volume of trade (3.1 ETH). Two or three questions arise with these figures, and we will try to answer them as objectively as possible.

The amounts generated

  • 1 ETH = 10.000 ZEL. The price of the 4 legendary characters (the most expensive) was 20,000 ZIL and their price increased with each sale.
  • On average, 60 units of each legendary character were sold on the first day, doubling or even tripling the price.
  • So on average, 4 characters x 60 units x 4 ethereum = 960 ethereum were traded in one day.

How and who?

  • It is currently not possible to buy ZEL directly from the website.
  • Initially, ZEL holders switched from My Crypto Heroes GUMs to ZELs while the campaign was taking place.

It is, therefore (not counting the Ethereum traded on Opensea) only players from the My Crypto Heroes community who have invested in Brave Frontier Heroes.

Coming from the community that is the most “isolated” in the sector, it’s no surprise that it has massively invested in the game.

A lot of perseverance needed

The game itself is very accessible and available on mobile phones. So you have a chance, with a lot of perseverance, to obtain spheres that can be resold for Ethereum.

Knowing that the difficulty reaches a very high level if you don’t have a complete team of 5 characters, you’ll have to spend money quite quickly. Because to get original Spheres, you’re going to have to do quests of a higher level than the training ground.

If you are a new player, remember that your opponents are the Whales of My Crypto Heroes and intend to become the Whales of Brave Frontier Heroes.

In the meantime it is essential to have a “Reward” account to be able to transform your replica into a ZEL, an in-game currency allowing you to buy original Spheres…

To conclude, the game is still very new but promises a close partnership with My Crypto Heroes. We are therefore looking forward to the implementation of these future features!

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