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My Crypto Heroes is a worker-placement RPG where you will need to use strategy and reflection to build the most effective team to defeat…

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My Crypto Heroes is a worker-placement RPG where you will need to use strategy and reflection to build the most effective team to defeat other players.

My Crypto Heroes will allow you to pick your heroes from a list of 77 celebrities, among warlords, artists, inventors, explorers, philosophers, illustrious politicians … that you will then train and equip with the best material possible before sending them in quests where they will face different sort of creatures.

Discover the whole list here →

Some heroes from the list…

Why we are excited about MCH

My Crypto Heroes has all the benefits and fun of traditional worker-placement RPG, while cleverly integrating blockchain technology into its concept.

The success encountered by the game from its launch is the proof of its perfect fit with the community of RPG players, both in the dynamics of play, in the design as in the universe built in the game.

We do not think My Crypto Heroes can become a major crypto-game … because it already is.

We believe that My Crypto Heroes has the potential to be the game that will enhance NFTs and crypto-gaming mass-adoption.

What is the gameplay?

When you arrive on the game, you immediately receive 3 teams of 3 heroes that will allow you to train and discover the game. But quickly, you will have to act strategically to maximize your chances of winning. The game offers a large number of parameters to adjust to ensure the victory of your team!

Step 1 — Select the right heroes & build your team

You will be invited to associate 3 heroes per team. Be sure to select additional skills to avoid having a team that is 100% offensive or defensive. The best teams are often made up of complementary heroes. Also watch out for the special powers of your heroes that can be decisive during the fighting …

Step 2 —  Equip your heroes with the good material

Once you’ve chosen heroes, you can equip your heroes with 2 objects each (left hand / right hand). Our strategy is to generally take equipment that compensates for their biggest weak point (defense, point of life, …) and choose the second equipment to strengthen the strong point of the hero.

Step 3  —  Prioritize the powers of your heroes

Each hero has 3 powers, which can be attack, defense, heal, or other … you will have the opportunity when composing your team to prioritize these different powers to define which will be used first in fighting. Your game strategy will be played in part during this decisive step.

Step 4 — Define the placement of your heroes

You can protect or expose your heroes as you wish based on their location. The heroes in the front will more easily take the shots than those in the background. Arrange them to preserve the most “fragile” and position the strongest in front.

Step 5 — Once the team is ready … choose your quest!

Once your team is ready, choose the quest you want to conduct with your heroes. There is a whole range of quests in My Crypto Heroes, from the simplest to the most complex. Of course the more dangerous quests will give you the opportunity to collect much rarer and more valuable items … but is your team ready to face the worst creatures? Start modest and gradually raise the levels 😉

Step 6 — Go from fight to fight

Each quest consists of 3 fights, each with at least 3 monsters.

As soon as you start the fight, you have the choice between arriving directly at the end of the fight by clicking, or scroll down to advance in the turn-based combat to vibrate with each action. (We recommend you to scroll and move go on a turn-based basis to fine-tune your strategy and enjoy the game!)

With a little luck, strategy and a good team, you will come out victorious from your 3 fights and catch all the stuff dropped by the monsters.

The universe beyond the game

My Crypto Heroes initiated its Land Sale on February 25th and we recommend you to refer to this excellent article from Kokushi |MCH explaining how Land Node and Land Battle work.

Read the full article: Land pre-open

My Crypto Heroes & NonFungible.com

NonFungible.com is thrilled to add My Crypto Heroes today to the list of projects followed.

MCH is so far the blockchain game with the biggest community! We invite you to discover the game via this link and to use the code “dbfq” to begin with an exclusive hero: Yukichi Fukuzawa.

Yukichi Fukuzawa

And finally, we offer this graph illustrating the importance of My Crypto Heroes in the gaming ecosystem on the blockchain. CryptoKitties being the most played blockchain game in 2018 …

Weekly active addresses between My Crypto Heroes and Cryptokitties since MCH launch. Source: NonFungible.com
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