The Starmap of Farsite is Released!

After the opening of their pre-order a few months ago, Farsite now reveals the Starmap! What will be the next steps for this game?

besancia ·  · 08/18/21 ·  2 min

At the end of March this year, we presented Farsite on our blog to discover what the possibilities offered by this new game of SUPERNOVAE team would be.

A decentralized MMORTS, giving players the freedom to customize spaceships and especially, trade them on different open marketplaces. This universe, broken down into several layers ranging from planets to constellations, will allow you to set up individual strategies for each player!

Today, Farsite unveils their StarMap giving us more information on the direction the game will take in the coming months.

StarMap: an interactive navigation tool

In order to be able to navigate as quickly and simply as possible between the different planets and constellations, Farsite will have an indispensable tool: the StarMap.

farsite starmap

This gives us access to the different information available on the various planets and sectors, whether discovered or not, offering to any space navigator essential knowledge for their destination at a glance.

Remember, to be able to play Farsite it’s essential to have one or more ships, it’s possible to obtain these directly on Opensea or by purchasing crates with  Score points –  rewards for your commitments to the community, or ETH, though the latter is rarely available.

The implementation of StarMap was announced in December 2020 on the Farsite roadmap and their delivery promise will be kept for this important release!

A growing community

The least that can be said is that Farsite is growing day by day. With the current hype for NFTs that has continued to develop since the beginning of the year, SUPERNOVAE proposes a very ambitious project for the future.

Early adopters receive the reward in Credits and above all weekly crates airdrops for the top 100 in the ranking. These airdrops also offer a fair chance to those who missed the first edition crates pre-order that was over in just a few hours!

There were also 50 exclusive ships issued in collaboration with CoinDesk for the attendees of the 2021 Consensus online event, Farsite x Coindesk Ship was the first NFT item to run out of stock.


There is without doubt a growing interest in this game that is growing step by step in line with its development plan. Although the alpha is only planned for the end of the year, the SUPERNOVAE team is very active on their Discord answering the various questions related to the project.

The game has been announced to be compatible with ETH2, so you will have to arm yourself with patience to see the final version. But given the success and evolutions that MCP3D has already experienced, everything suggests that Farsite will be growing exponentially throughout the coming years and their community will grow as well.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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