DeFi Powered MMO from the Team Behind MegaCryptoPolis

Developed by the teams behind MegaCryptoPolis, Farsite aims to become an MMORTS in space!

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When it comes to space travel, we all think building a rocket will be enough to open the doors to space and land on another planet. Yet in the Universe there are many types of planets, galaxies and constellations that need space travelers and that can adapt to the different environments they want to go to.

Presentation of Farsite

While being adaptable is a big plus in these explorations, the other especially important thing before you set off is having a plan for exactly what to do once you arrive at your destination. Planning strategies to develop an ecosystem and then profit from it is one of the cornerstones of MegaCryptoPolis, the blockchain property management game that has been around since 2018.

Although recently MCP3D: World officially announced it will be taking its game to the Multiverse stage, in parallel the teams are also working on another project: Farsite.

This new game will take the form of a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy (MMORTS) in space, is based on the MCP3D model and will be built on multiple blockchain layers, each with a well-defined function. Let’s see how this game was designed and what surprises it has in store for the future!

ID Farsite

From constellations to planet sectors

To understand how it’s possible to interact with this Decentralized Universe, we need to first understand the different layers that it’s made out of. From the largest to the smallest, firstly there are constellations, stars, planets and then there are the sectors. Fortunately, the space environment is full of places to go and that’s why we’re going to be able to find asteroid belts, space gates or even better, space stations!

The stations will serve as a market, a garage to store, repair and customize or improve your Ship, this includes storage for your inventory or even refueling your Ship. Asteroid belts will be used to mine resources and space gates will be used to easily travel from one place to another in the galaxy.


farsite constellation

The constellations are the main area of the game, just as the total space available in MCP3D is limited to a large city, the space in Farsite will be limited to an 8-10 star constellation.

In the future, if more constellations are added, it will likely be in the form of a DLC, constellations cannot be purchased!


farsite stars

The Stars are where most of the travel takes place…indeed, although the stars are supposed to contain planets, stations, gates or asteroids, they can also simply be empty!

If they’re not empty then each star will have between 8 and 12 planets, although some may contain a little more. Regardless, the stars will never be altered over time: since the planets are on the first layer of Ethereum, they aim to remain as immutable as possible and therefore no risk of a black hole appearing in the game!

Planets and sectors

farsite planets

Land of opportunity to build its base, the planets can also be used as areas to collect minerals and other resources. Each planet will have a number of sectors which are determined by its size (small, medium or large) but it’s important to know there will be several types:

  • Organic
  • Toxic
  • Volcanic
  • Stone
  • Ice
  • Gas

Depending on their specificity, some resources will be available on some planets and not on others, but it will be possible to build a base on each of them! Natively, all the planets will be unexplored and it will be up to intrepid adventurers to identify the type of earth they choose to set foot on..

farsite sectors map

Regarding the sectors, these will be cut into plots of land where its possible to build a base or to mine the resources which are available throughout the sector. This time it’s no longer a question of buying the plots of land individually, it will be necessary to buy the whole sector directly in order to be able to establish a strategy for the whole.

Although the available resources will never dry up completely, they will be abundant at the beginning before gradually decreasing over time.

Multi-blockchain layers and Collateralized NFTs

farsite technology

Thanks to what is possible today with the use of multiple blockchain layers, Farsite has decided to spread its assets over three different levels. Meaning as much action as possible is recorded on-chain, here is how these different layers work:

  • Layer 1 : Layer where the majority of assets will be (ERC-20 and 721). This layer allows Ships, Sectors or Credits to benefit from the security of the ETH network while being ready to upgrade to ETH2 the moment the update arrives.
  • Layer 2 : By using Polygon, all in-game actions can be recorded! Whether it’s a trip to space or a trade, the costs will be covered by the team, allowing the end-user a fluidity that is truly welcome!
  • Layer 3 : This Zero Knowledge layer, little known to the general public, will allow actions to be performed before they are recorded on layer 2. It is possible to visualize this layer as a hashed database.

To allow the exchange of different NFTs or Credits, be aware that there will be a bridge between layer 1 and 2! Credits will be the games in-game currency and their price will be backed by $FAR with a fixed ratio of: 1 $FAR = 1000 Credits.

Since they will be used for all types of exchanges in the game, it is important to understand they will be the cornerstone of the entire DeFI element and can, in particular also be used to create cNFT (Collateralized NFT). 

farsite spaceship

This is indeed a small novelty, i.e. a cNFT will contain ERC-20s and can be loaned to others if necessary. Basically this means it will be possible to lend a cNFT to another player and if wanted, the staker can earn interest on it! But that will not be the only use, these cNFTs will have many other uses:

  • Play the game to explore the Universe or search for materials.
  • As collateral to borrow Credits.
  • Be a store of value simply by the Hodl.
  • Be disassembled to get the credits that are in it.
  • Or just sell it.

Obviously, only the owner of this asset will be entitled to dismantle it to recover the Credits it contains! To be able to create this new type of NFT, you will need a number of Credits which will be determined beforehand by its level of scarcity and also a way in which the economy of the game has been conceived in order to keep an overall balance in place.

Ship Hulls and modules

farsite ships

Another element of the game just as important are the Ships Hulls and the Modules they might contain. Note that in order to be able to travel between planets and stars, it will be mandatory to have at least one!

The ships will have 3 different sizes but will be manufactured beforehand by 3 brands of different manufacturers. The size will determine the transport capacity of the modules, the larger the ship the more materials or tools it can contain!

The marks will be used to discover the price of the starships:

  • Morgan: the most affordable.
  • Seybana: most common for common tasks.
  • Sucara: the most prestigious and rare.

Here again, a strategic aspect takes its place: If you want to be a miner in the game, a larger ship will be better to carry more resources while if you have the soul of a merchant, maybe buying more Sucara-type ships could be more profitable.

A detail that is important is that the textures of the ships will be generated in a unique way for each ship!

farsite module

The modules will allow you to perform the various actions in the game and will need two key elements to function: the available energy of the ship as well as slots in the hold to be able to be installed. 

Here again, the modules will have different sizes (small, medium or large) but must above all be associated with an appropriate slot:

  • Type 1 (attack / miner) : weapon, laser or power neutralizer.
  • Type 2 (hauler) : cargo bay, drone bay or power battery.
  • Type 3 (power) : Shields, radar or power booster.
  • Type 4 (membranes) : armor plate, power recharger or chips.
  • Type 5 (engines) : afterburner, hyperjump or maneuvers.

The modules will therefore be at the very heart of your strategy because the slots available in each ship are limited, not everything will fit!


With the experience obtained in the development of MCP3D over the past three years, the teams behind Farsite have had the time to think carefully about a complex and above all, complete economic system! We could see in MCP3D that with the micro and macro economy system put in place, the investment levels of time and money could change and be adapted.

In a MMORTS, this opens the door to very different strategies to achieve in the game, but one thing is for sure, it will be difficult to do everything!

It’s therefore important to think carefully beforehand about your plan in the game because the possibilities are really going to be numerous and becoming too dispersed could be detrimental to the achievement of your goals.
Regardless, Farsite wants to take MMO games to a level never before seen in this Universe and by not doing a pre-sale or ICO first, there is a real will to ensure that all players start at the same level.

As for the early adopters of MoonCryptoPolis, they will not be forgotten: the blockchain remembers the players who bought land a few years ago and the teams have promised compensation for them!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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