PlayDapp launches its first game-based NFT presale

It's almost time for the first NFT PlayDapp presale! Here are the final details including a great surprise...

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We brought you some PlayDapp insights two weeks ago, PlayDapp will launch its first NFT presale on May 11th for its new project: PlayDapp Town. Several categories of NFT packs will be put on sale and for those who are quick they’ll be able to claim a share of 20,000 airdropped NFT. 

As a reminder, all packs contain NFTs which can be used in the game once it is live. But above all, it’s important to remember these NFTs can be combined to obtain a rarer one. This combination and upgrade system is powered by Chainlink VRF, guaranteeing true randomness and fairness. 

Another important feature of this game is that a large proportion of the game and transactions are to take place on Polygon which will avoid costs. All NFT are divided into three degrees of rarity, (R, SR, SSR), only NFTs which have the SSR grade will be on the first layer of Ethereum and therefore, exchangeable on open marketplaces like Opensea.

NFT characters purchased from the Presale will be used to acquire limited-edition special items across future PlayDapp games. For PlayDapp, the interconnected nature of NFTs is the driving force behind its entire gaming ecosystem.

A share of $300,000 worth of $PLA tokens plus many NFTs…

playdapp PLA even

$PLA is the PlayDapp ecosystem token, it allows users to interact with the different features of existing Dapps like Cryptodozer and  Dozerbird. Thanks to these, it will be possible to get some rare NFTs or simply buy extra parts to continue playing without having to wait.

By participating in the presale, a bonus has been added for different collectors, players, or buyers: Not only that but anyone who spends over $1,000 will earn a share of 300,000 $PLA (the native token of the PlayDapp ecosystem around 150,000 dollars value). Presale participants have the chance to win an additional 300,000 $PLA if all PlayDapp Town NFTs are sold out after all three presale rounds. Once all PlayDapp Town NFTs are sold an additional 300,000 $PLA will then be distributed proportionally and sent in June.

The PlayDapp Town NFTs sold in this presale will have multiple uses across PlayDapp’s games. These NFTs could be used in different ways such as unlocking better game mechanics and experiences in CryptoDozer & DozerBird or used in upcoming blockchain games Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn in the form of powerful in-game runes or enhancements. You can see more of PlayDapp’s interoperable offering here.

Not only that but PlayDapp Town NFTs can be used in upcoming Metaverse games. The interoperability of these NFTs are life-long, meaning that as more games and experiences are released your NFT will gain increased usage and therefore subsequent value. With higher grade NFTs unlocking more experiences and deeper mechanics in future games.

Understand the PlayDapp Town NFT Packs 

As the rarest NFTs (SSR) will only be available as ERC-721 on the first layer of Ethereum, it means that the presale will be run on two blockchains: Ethereum and Polygon. To have more precision on how this will happen, PlayDapp has recently published, via their Newsletter the distribution of packs that will be possible to acquire.

Description of ETH PACKS

playdapp eth pack

The ETH packs consist of 4 varieties. These being The VIP pack, PlayDapp Pack, Playz pack and the Mikey Pack. Each pack is priced between $399 and $9,999, each pack is guaranteed to contain SSR grade PlayDapp Town NFT. With the more expensive the pack the more it contains. In total there are 7,700 SSR NFT split with a cost weighting across 1,100 ETH packs. 

The top pack the VIP pack contains 35 guaranteed SSR NFT, the PlayDapp Pack contains 11 guaranteed SSR grade NFT. You can see a full breakdown of the NFT and grades to each pack here and in the table below. 

Description of POLYGON PACKS

playdapp polygon pack

The POLYGON packs consist of 5 varieties. These being The Peppa pack, Twinky pack, Bram Pack, Lance pack & Hikimo pack. Each pack is priced between $30 and $250, and each pack has the chance to contain an SSR grade PlayDapp Town NFT. You can see the probability breakdown here and in the table below. 

There are 7,500 NFT split with a cost weighting across 2,500 POLYGON Packs. The more expensive the POLYGON pack the more NFT It contains and the more likely an SSR grade NFT will be present.  

nft presale pack composition

Make sure you read up on the pack probabilities and NFT distribution in PlayDapp’s guide.  

There are only 15,000 SSR-rated characters, which is only 1% of the total number of characters issued. Also, don’t forget that in this pre-sale, 15,200 NFT characters will be sold in over three rounds. In the 1st and 2nd rounds, each NFT will be sold at a 10%-20% discounted price, in the 3rd and final round no discount will be applied.

A full guide on what to expect when taking part in the PlayDapp Town Presale can be found here.

A future interconnected gaming!

playdapp town nft presale

This Presale marks a turning point for PlayDapp and its ecosystem. All the necessary information appears in this article as well as the previous one we wrote. And to be certain that everyone is well informed, PlayDapp even wrote a guide with this additional information.

With this new project, the PlayDapp Universe is approaching the metaverse blockchain stage that will only become possible thanks to Playdapp Town and the PlayDapp MarketPlace which will link together all of the games across the world of PlayDapp.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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