Announcing PlayDapp’s first NFT presale!

One of the biggest trends right now in the NFT Gaming space is the transition from Dapps to the Metaverse. PlayDapp takes this leap with the announcement of PlayDapp: Town and their first NFT pre-sale!

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In the world of blockchain games, some projects have been present since the very beginning of NFTs on Ethereum. Among the early adopters of this technology, PlayDapp easily fits into this category of teams who have been able to develop their project while proposing improvements over time.

Presentation of PlayDapp

The CryptoDozer and DozerBird games are PlayDapp’s two flagship games, allowing players to  earn NFTs just by playing! It’s not just gaming that PlayDapp offers, PlayDapp seeks to be the dedicated gaming ecosystem in the blockchain space and PlayDapp’s priority Token $PLA is the key to this ecosystem. PLA currently has several uses, such as buying new items to continue and enhance gameplay or buying NFTs directly in Dapps.

PlayDapp has made strides beyond gaming, with partnerships secured with significant  globally recognised companies such as Samsung. Not only that but PlayDapp’s curated marketplace (playdapp.com) allows you to trade your assets easily and securely.  Additional partnerships in PlayDapp’s gaming ecosystem include League of Kingdoms who are a familiar name in the space and also the securing the licenses for Along with the Gods on smartphone and the MMORPG Asta.

Today a new game has been announced that will always be linked to PlayDapp’s ecosystem: PlayDapp: Town. For this occasion and for the first time in its existence, PlayDapp will launch a NFT presale, all of which will be interoperable throughout their entire ecosystem!

PlayDapp’s first NFT presale 

playdapp pack

Previously  PlayDapp has not launched  any presales of $PLA or NFTs that could be won in its games. So this truly is a great opportunity to join the the PlayDapp ecosystem. 

The presale is set to begin on May 11 at 1pm (GMT+0) And will provide access to 6 different NFT collections (Mikey, Peppa, Twinky, Bram, Lance and Hikimo). Based on a “first come, first served” basis, the presale will take place in 3 phases and will allow the purchase of packs randomly containing 6 NFTs belonging to one of the categories mentioned above.

The first PlayDapp Town Playz NFT presale will launch on May 11th starting with a 20% discount and on offer will be 20% of total quantity, split into several packs. With the top packs guaranteeing rare SSR graded character Drops. You can see the pack combinations below, split by version types – Ethereum & Polygon. 

       Ethereum Version Pack

  • VIP Pack : 100
  • PlayDapp Pack : 200
  • PLAYZ Pack : 300
  • Mikey Pack : 500

Polygon version Pack

  • Peppa Pack : 500
  • Twinky Pack : 500
  • Bram Pack : 500
  • Lance Pack : 500
  • Hikimo Pack : 500

In total, 720 packs will be put on sale during the first phase, opening on May 11th. The second phase of the presale will be open the next day (May 12) and will have a 10% discount. This will represent 30% of the supply of packs available for presale.

The third and final phase will open on May 14 and will not offer a discount but will represent the remaining 50% of the supply.

It is important to note that the 3,600 packs available for presale will represent 15,200 NFTs with a total of 1,500,000 characters available. In this way, the vast majority of NFTs can be obtained by playing the game directly in order to balance the first arrivals and the players who will arrive later in the project!

Multi-blockchain asset

If you’ve played CryptoDozer before, the way NFTs were thought of in PlayDapp: Town isn’t going to be completely new to you! Indeed, the possibility of collecting rare NFTs to merge them and obtain a rarer NFT is already present and PlayDapp Town will see this simple but addictive concept being used again.

playdapp presale

The PlayDapp Town NFT presale will see NFT with three levels of rarity, from the least rare to the most rare: R, SR and SSR. NFTs belonging to the first two rarity levels will be on Polygon so that the transfer fees are almost non-existent for users.

However there’s one key difference with this NFT pre sale, you can get access to the higher grade NFT even if you only have one of the lower grade packs. This is thanks to PlayDapp’s idea of NFT combination and synthesis. 

This unique system works like this:  if you have the full collection of 6 “R” characters, it gives you the possibility to create an “SR” character. In the same way, have the full collection of 6 “SR” characters and you’ll be able to create an “SSR” character.

playdapp rarity

Regarding “SSR” type NFTs, they will be on the first layer of Ethereum and a bridge between Polygon and Ethereum will be available to make the transfer. It is therefore only the assets with the highest level of rarity that it will be possible to find on platforms such as Opensea or Rarible.

playdapp bridge

It is important to note that the Polygon to Ethereum bridge will be available from June.

All PlayDapp Town NFT characters can be used in later games to obtain rare assets, not only that but it will also be possible to improve them to increase their experience and game changing effect.

For PlayDapp, the interconnected nature of NFTs is the driving force behind its entire ecosystem of games.

The PlayDapp Town NFT sold in this presale will have multiple uses across PlayDapp’s games. These NFT could be used in ways such as unlocking better game mechanics and experiences in CryptoDozer & DozerBird, or when used in upcoming blockchain game Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn as powerful in game runes or enhancements. Not only that but PlayDapp Town Playz NFT can be used in upcoming Metaverse games. 

Preserving an Play to Earn spirit

PlayDapp is taking it to the next level with this new Metavers project, which will tie in with all of their previous projects. This presale is the way to try out a different type of NFT distribution model for PlayDapp and using Polygon to register the various basic actions occurring in the project is an excellent way to circumvent the problems of fees of the Ethereum network.

The fact of having so many NFTs remaining available for distribution that will be possible to acquire by playing PlayDapp: Town is also a way of preserving a “play to earn” spirit for players who prefer to be rewarded in NFTs for their efforts in the game. This new project from PlayDapp is going to be interesting to watch evolve, created by a team already present since the beginning of the advent of the NFT space itself.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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