A new play-to-earn model with PlayDapp

PlayDapp continues its development by adding new features such as NFT staking and play-to-earn in the RPG Along with the Gods. So let’s take a look at this project in more detail!

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When we first presented PlayDapp a few months back, we also introduced their NFT collection, dedicated to the PlayDapp metaverse. As a reminder, PlayDapp has been part of the NFT ecosystem since 2019, releasing several decentralized applications such as CryptoDozer and DozerBird.

Since then this ecosystem has continued to evolve with many interesting updates. With new games joining the project marketplace including NFT staking, the PlayDapp family is certainly growing day by day with its share of innovations.

Let’s take a look at the significant evolutions that have taken place on the platform so far…

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn adopt a play-to-earn model.

Along with the Gods is a Mobile-RPG that already has several mature adventure levels under its belt, offering several different game modes, including: Tournaments against other players, adventure, quests, boss battle and dungeon exploration.

All a player has to do is build a team of heroes with various skills to collect different rewards as well as bonuses that can summon other heroes and help create better equipment.

On October the 27th, a dedicated PlayDapp server opened its doors and allows players to complete in-game quests and earn $PLA. And as of today, it’s already possible to buy several NFTs on the PlayDapp marketplace with improved materials for various characters, including rare ones!

This also means that by obtaining character fusions (or improvement stones) which are rare in the game, its possible to transform them into NFTs and then to go on and resell them! However, you will have to buy a specific scroll to interact with your NFT and check that it shows up in your wallet..

NFT staking and a dedicated marketplace

playdapp marketplace
PlayDapp marketplace

Blockchain game service platform PlayDapp announced on October 20th that the opening date of the P2E server for the RPG Along with the Gods will be on October the 27th and begin the NFT pre-staking service immediately! (excluding Korea and China). NFT staking refers to a service of depositing NFTs for a specific time and also receiving interest and rewards as additional bonuses.

PlayDapp’s NFT staking is an essential tool for participating with P2E games and was introduced to enable transparently for the  distribution of the profits to users. While in turn, also preventing service-related interviewing issues whilst allowing participants to claim proper compensation. Pre-staking and pre-registration are open for all participants now!

Simply visit PlayDapp’s Along with the Gods P2E site.

Users who have completed NFT pre-staking can immediately participate in the P2E-only server, which will opened on October 27th and receive daily and weekly rewards for participation.

Users who have staked 3 SR grade PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NTF will receive 5 $PLA as a daily reward when completing daily missions. Users who have additionally staked +1 SSR level NFT can receive up to 5000 $PLA as a weekly ranking reward for participating in the PVP Tournament.

The PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NTF required for staking can be obtained through synthesis or purchased on the Polygon version of the PlayDapp’s C2C marketplace PlayDapp.com.

PlayDapp continues to grow

Thanks to the combination of their NFT staking event and the integration of a Play-to-Earn model in Along with the Gods, PlayDapp has just completed a new step in its roadmap.

With each new update, the goal of becoming a fully fledged metaverse comes ever closer, offering up even more potential as it continues to evolve. In addition, PlayDapps marketplace is on the Polygon network and so avoids the high gas costs that using Ethereum’s L1 can cause.

PlayDapp continues in its ongoing development and the upcoming integration of even more developments which can only bode well for more positive news to come in the future for PlayDapp! 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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