Learn All About the NFTs and Their Ecosystem with Our NFT Academy

Introducing the NFT Academy: a thorough guide for every newcomer and aficionado eager to deepen their knowledge about this complex and growing NFT industry.

Camille Dufresne ·  · 07/19/22 ·  3 min

In 2021, “NFT” was elected word of the year by the Collins Dictionary. Despite this, NFT remains a very cryptic acronym for the majority of the population. As one of the main pillars of the non-fungible token ecosystem since the early days, NonFungible.com has been dedicated to bringing clarity to the ecosystem. To that aim, our team has decided to take on the challenge and has created a thorough guide for every newcomer and aficionado eager to deepen their knowledge about this complex and growing NFT industry. 

Are you ready to challenge the way you view Web3?

4 Sections Divided in Units and Chapters for A ‘Pick & Choose’ Experience!

Every area of focus (section) has been divided into individual units where you will be able to access content and chapters. This division has been put in place to help those looking for specific topics, while also providing a step-by-step linear approach for those who want to read the full contents. 

The chapters are short and easy to digest and the displayed reading time and level of difficulty will help you set accurate goals in your learning.


You won’t be able to fully grasp NFTs and their global relevance if you aren’t familiar with some core concepts of the blockchain. 

Inside this section, we’ll explore topics such as: 

..and many more!


The largest section of the academy! You’ll find everything you need to know about NFTs in this section from their history to the way they are used in the digital world.

In this vast section, we’ll dive into: 

As well as other key definitions and NFT applications.


Equally important is how to use our free market tracker to screen the latest market trends and understand the usual metrics associated with the NFT markets before you buy or sell NFTs. The Analytics section is designed to help you navigate these sectors.


Last but not least, anyone who has a serious interest in NFTs needs to know how to separate the signals from the noise. This final section ‘Ecosystem’ sheds light on NFT communities and their functions based on our data and experience.

In this section, we’ll share our vision of the NFT space and attempt to reply to questions including:

We will also take a look at the marriage between DeFi & NFTs and what it entails: liquidity mining, yield farming, and tokenomics for example.

An Easy Access to The Glossary to Support Your Reading

Be prepared: While we have designed this program to ensure you are not overwhelmed by any of the topics, there is a significant amount of jargon that will need to be mastered over time.

All the words highlighted in light gray in the chapters have a glossary definition. Click on them and their definition will appear on the side. 

If you’re ready to go a bit deeper in your understanding of the NFT space, the glossary is a great tool to look up terms you may have encountered and did not understand. You can find it anytime at the bottom of the NFT Academy main page.

We hope you enjoy this new resource available on our website! Whether you are here to start on your learning journey or looking for an easy program to educate those who don’t understand your love of NFTs: let’s bring the decentralized revolution forward together!

We are always delighted to hear from you. If you have feedback, comments, or suggestions concerning the Academy, feel free to contact us.

Huge thanks to:

  • Max aka Besancia: Two years of hard work to delivering 
  • Jess: Early contributor and proofreader
  • Audrey: SEO reviewing and updates proposals
  • Camille & Walid: Designing all the Academy
  • Nick Muller (Knack) & Kay: Reviewing and spell-checkers of all the content
  • Dan & Andreas: Making the magic happen
Need help understanding the NFT ecosystem? Explore the NFT Academy
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