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These last few months, we have spent a lot of time with you, our users, and have taken into account your needs regarding the next version of NonFungible.com.

This new version of NonFungible.com is structured around 5 main axes:

  • Implementation of our NFT Radar technology
  • Multi NFT tracking
  • Accelerated listing of dozens of new projects
  • Management of several crypto currencies
  • New macro indicators per project on the Market homepage

What is the NFT Radar?

NFT Radar is an exclusive technology developed by our team, which identifies any non-fungible token (ERC721) smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

This technology had already been used for our NFT Yearly Report 2019, and we previously presented the technology in our article “Towards supporting 1000’s of NFT projects” a few months ago!

This technology (which we have been the only ones to benefit from to date) constitutes the cornerstone of our new back-end, and will allow us among other things to:

  • Provide 100% exhaustive reports on the Ethereum NFT ecosystem
  • List more projects, faster
  • Identify new innovative players via their data before even knowing the name of the project

Multi NFT tracking

You asked for it, we developed it!

Now all the different tokens related to a project will be displayed and you will be able to follow, in near real time, the price of each of the tokens of your favorite projects.

Decentraland LAND, Wearables, Names? MyCryptoHeroes Heroes, Extensions, Land?

You can filter per token in a few clicks:

  • Go to the profile page of the project you want to analyze
  • Click on “Filter”: the very first filter that appears allows you to filter by Token.
  • Don’t forget to click on “Apply” at the bottom right of the filter area

Note that recently added tokens do not yet have all the associated meta data (including images), or all the filters, but they will be added in the coming days and weeks.

By default, all tokens are displayed on the project profile.

Multi crypto-currencies!

Today, NFTs are no longer just traded in ETH. We had to account for the diversity of the cryptocurrencies used in our statistics, and above all, make this information accessible to everyone.

This is why we have divided the “Volume of tokens” zone by cryptocurrency. You now have the possibility of following the global distribution of cryptocurrencies used on all NFT markets by day, week, month and any time. If you hover over the “Volume of tokens” with your mouse pointer you should see the USD value of each currency.

In the same way, on each project page, you can now see if the project’s NFTs are purchased in MANA, ETH, WETH or any other cryptocurrency.

New metrics per project

You will also notice a slight difference on the home page of our Market History? The indicators that we propose by project have evolved.

We think it is essential to measure the “health” of a project with suitable indicators, it is for this reason that we now offer the following metrics by project to have a global understanding of the ecosystem at a glance:

  • Volume 7d (USD)
  • Last 7d sales
  • Volume all time (USD)
  • All time sales

What are “Unverified projects”?

“Unverified” projects are projects that have been identified by our NFT Radar, whose profile sheet has been created, of which we are able to track the market in real time.

However, “Unverified” projects will not present all the details for each transaction.

Thus, you will not be able to find all of the metadata that makes up each asset bought or sold. We trace the basic values of each transaction, namely:

  • Buying wallet
  • Selling wallet
  • Crypto price
  • USD price
  • Asset ID

Only Verified Projects display the metadata of each asset sold (image, name, color, various characteristics, …).

To summarize the difference between a Verified and an Unverified project:

Unverified projectsVerified projects
Project profile✔️✔️
Real time market history✔️✔️
Basic search feature✔️✔️
Asset images❌ ✔️
Assets meta-data❌ ✔️
Detailed filters❌ ✔️

How to get verified?

For all “Unverified” projects, rest assured, there is nothing easier than becoming a Verified project!

You just need to send us the following information by email or through our Get Listed form:

  • The complete list of all your smart contracts
  • The smart contract JSON ABIs
  • Definition and location of on-chain asset meta attributes
  • Definition and location of off-chain (HTTP API) asset meta attributes

We take care of the rest!

We need your feedback!

To help us constantly improve, and build the NonFungible.com suite together, we need you!

We ask you 3 minutes to complete this short questionnaire and know your expectations regarding NonFungible. More than ever, NonFungible needs you to move forward and better meet your needs.

Answer the poll!

Thank you all for helping us move forward and supporting us from the really beginning. This new version represents a turning point for NonFungible.com and we are so excited to open the door for new opportunities to meet your expectations, today and tomorrow.

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