Yearly NFT Market Report

Free · 2019

Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report
Yearly NFT Market Report

Data doesn’t lie. At NonFungible we analyze it and make the complex simple and freely accessible for everyone.

Our Yearly Report looks into Non-Fungible Token trends on the Ethereum chain. We use our data to provide an in depth analysis of the market backed with charts and analytics.

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  • Stabilization of the NFT ecosystem
    In 2019, we saw a lot of new active smart contracts being deployed and used regularly! But, the overall USD volume, number of sales and number of active wallets remained stable. Our analysis of these numbers is that the ecosystem continues to stabilize following the pre-sale craze that followed the ICO frenzy. We believe that the industry continues to gain maturity in user experience, good practices, and that it is preparing overall for the challenges that await it in the coming years for mass adoption.
  • New KPIs to analyze the ecosystem
    This stabilization of the ecosystem has allowed us to develop new indicators to better analyze trends: - Penetration rate - Isolation rate - Liquidity rate - Trends per category of project - NFT IDs, based on all the previous metrics What is the liquidity ratio for each segment? How do communities interact with each other? Are they isolated or on the contrary form a big family? Also, how are the projects doing according to the rest of the ecosystem? We wanted to answer these different questions in this report!
The ecosystem has significantly changed in a year. Investors continue to pour in, success stories are numerous, new typologies of projects are developing (other than gaming), communities are constantly growing, the whole space is getting more mature... there is no doubt, we moved to the next level! It has been a big challenge to develop this report in order to reflect an ecosystem as vast and dynamic as the NFT one! The goal of this second edition of the NFT Yearly Report is to give everyone an overview of the trends and to reflect on the incredible dynamic that is now driving the NFT and Blockchain Gaming industry.

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