NFT in Europe: Focus on Art, Culture and NFT

We were in Paris this Saturday, September 17th to attend NFT in, a conference about art and NFT artists coming from all over the world.

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We featured NFT in and Motion Plus Design in an article on Friday and we went there on Saturday to see what an event where art occupied the main square looked like. 

NFT, Art and Artists Stories..

The program was clear: the day was going to be about art!  More specifically, the history of the artists attending the event and how they discovered and utilized NFTs in their creative practice. This event was something rare enough to be highlighted and to be honest, the change felt good!

At the entrance, there were no swag bags, no sponsor booths, the atmosphere was sober and cozy. In the main hall, works by the artist-speakers were displayed on screens. A professional photographer was waiting for those who wanted a souvenir photo in the colors of the event.

We were quickly invited to take a seat as the NFT in conference began. It was 10am and the opening was made by Kook Ewo, CEO of Motion Plus Design with a presentation of past events and above all, an announcement about an art center in Paris centered around Motion Design.

Next it was the turn of the artists presented by Colborn Bell, Founder of the Museum Of Crypto Art. Each artist had 15 minutes to share their story and their journey, the stories were as captivating as they were exciting and here are some of them:

Sofia Crespo: Natural History, AI and NFTs

NFT In Europe Sofia Crespo
Sofia Crespo at NFT in Europe

As a child, Sofia Crespo was offered a microscope. This allowed her to become aware of a whole universe that existed beyond the perception of our eyes. While pursuing her studies, Sofia mixes plants or insects with generative art techniques… and she hears about NFTs during 2020.

Obvious: Art Collective Using Artificial Intelligence

nft in europe obvious collective
Obvious at NFT in Europe

With their first NFT sold in July 2018, we can qualify the Obvious collective as OG in the NFT ecosystem. Working with artificial intelligence, Obvious presented us with some of their work created from hundreds of hours of research to find the perfect combination.

Braw Haus: Elevating Digital Artist

nft in europe braw haus
Patricia Gloom from Braw Haus presenting a video projection on an UNESCO World Heritage monument

Another talk that stood out to us was that of Patricia Gloum, co-founder with Justin Vilgrain of Braw Haus. Created in 2018, Braw Haus aims to highlight digital artists in the real and virtual world. During her performance, she showed us the video projection on an UNESCO World Heritage monument in Iraq.

Emi Kusano: NFT Japan Culture

NFT In Europe emi kusano
Emi Kusano at NFT in Europe

Here again, an atypical and exciting artistic journey. After a short stint in fashion, Emi Kusano devoted himself to music with his band Satellite Young. But the lockdowns forced her to stop and she became interested in NFTs. Her first drop on Foundation sold quickly but the adventure did not stop there: she then went on to mint the drawings of her child to create the Zombie Zoo collection. This was an unexpected success, today the Toei Animation will make an anime (japanese animation).

The NFT Art Space is Alive and Well

What we take away from this intimate conference is very positive for the future of artists who use NFTs as a medium. NFTs changed the lives of these digital artists and today they travel the world to share their experiences.

Having a focus only on the artists, their work and their journey, while having time to talk with them at breaks really felt good. Even if currently the market indicators are not very cheerful, the motivation and passion that emerges from this event makes us very optimistic for the future!

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