NFT in Europe: a Motion Design and NFT Exhibition

NonFungible.com is the media partner of NFT in Europe! Who are Motion Plus Design and NFT in, why are we attending the event and what can we expect from it?

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Everyone in the NFT ecosystem knows about NFT.NYC. During major crypto conferences like the ETHCC, NFTs have gathered more and more attention over recent years. 

After NFT.NYC and the Non Fungible Conference, we were invited as Media Partners for NFT in Europe, a full day dedicated to NFT artists, organized by Motion Plus Design team.

What is Motion Plus Design?

Motion Plus Design was created in Paris in 2011 by a French Team and has become the worldwide reference for events on the Art of Motion Design and runs on 4 themes

With the desire to bring together the most passionate people interested in the profession of motion designer, Motion Plus Design has already organized in Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Fun fact, the Motion Plus Design and NFT in CEO, Kook Ewo, is also a title designer and has collaborated on more than forty films and series with world-class directors such as Guillermo Del Toro, Betsy West, Christophe Gans, Vincenzo Natali, Cédric Klapisch and more..

What is the ‘NFT in’ Europe Event?

After seeing more and more interest in NFTs during 2021, the idea of creating an event with the same philosophy took shape and Motion Plus Design organized its first NFT in America event  in Los Angeles. After this success, the appointment was given in Paris, at the Théâtre du Gymnase on September 17th.

For its first time in Europe, ‘NFT in’ will welcome on stage the greatest NFT artists who will present their most beautiful works and their creative process. Twelve of the world’s most influential international artists will align for a day of unique conferences celebrating the artistic, cultural and technological innovations of the NFT sphere. 

NonFungible.com as Media Partner of NFT in Europe

When Kook invited us to be a Media Partner, how could we refuse? 

We agreed for several reasons:

  • The event will prioritize and will highlight art and digital artists.
  • The entrance fee is accessible to the general public (50€ per tickets, 15€ for students, 10€ for livestream ticket).
  • International reach. In addition to being able to attend the conferences remotely, audio translation headsets will be loaned out during the event.
  • The conference will be posted on the website free of charge after the event.

NFT in Europe is an opportunity to meet NFT players that we would not have had the chance to discover otherwise. We will not fail to share with you the conference’s highlights as well as the works exhibited!

This initiative proves that the NFT ecosystem continues to grow and evolve every day and its clear there will be other events of this type not to be missed in future. Stay curious because the builders of the NFT space are already present and very active..!




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