The Covid19 charity auction has been a success!

We had the honor of organizing a Charity Auction with our Partner MakersPlace to fight against Covid19. This auction gave rise to an incredible mobilization of digital artists as well as NFT Collectors!

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We talked about it last week with MakersPlace listing on NonFungible.com, we had the honor of organizing a Charity Auction with them to fight against Covid19.

This auction gave rise to an incredible mobilization of digital artists as well as NFT Collectors!

Some figures about the results:

$3636 / Ξ 25 gathered

41 artworks

You can find the full list of 41 artworks on the site of our partner MakersPlace, who brilliantly organized this charity auction!

As a reminder, all of the funds were donated to the charity Global Giving, to support their Coronavirus Relief Fund.

You will find all the information about the association and their actions here.

A gigantic Thank You!

None of this would have been possible without the general mobilization of the artists who produced all these artworks and agreed to sell them during the Charity Auction.

It is admirable to see that in a very tense global context, artists have been able to mobilize and invest their time and energy for a cause.

Likewise, we would like to thank MakersPlace for all the time spent by their teams, and specifically Ryoma, the main conductor behind the auction. We are happy and proud to count a project with such values among the projects listed on NonFungible.com.

Finally, we obviously want to thank all the participants of the auction, whether or not you managed to acquire an artwork, thank you for being part of this great outpour of generosity towards Global Giving and the victims of Covid19.

The artwork

5 exclusive pieces of art have been crafted by MakersPlace artists on the theme of NonFungible and sold during the auction. The “Nonfungible exclusive” artworks generated a total of Ξ 5.8.

We invite you to (re)discover the artworks below:

Beyond the tangible
Ξ 2
Artist: Monfa Cabrera


An imperceptible instant, the channeling of creation, is not only a repository of creation but the potentiator of light, of color, of fantastic worlds of amazing stories. Floating in the gloom, feeling the lurking shadows that try to seize its power, steal it and gradually extinguish it. Creation must continue, it must fill each corner with its light, it must extinguish the shadows and in its creative power be reborn.

Breaking Freedom
Ξ 2
Artist: David Loblaw


To break free from the historical controlling points and enter a new era of trade. Using the warrior and horse from the past that was once the tools of change many years ago, here comes to symbolize the powerful new medium of the blockchain as it is moving forward into new territories leaving behind the old trading territories on the distance horizon expressed by the city view and a hinted dollar bill pyramid mixed into an organic red textured background.

Automatic Agent
Ξ 0.2
Artist: Mar E


An agent is said to learn when his performance improves with experience; that is, when the ability was not present in their genotype or birth traits.

Ξ 1.25
Artist: Mar E


One of the prototypical characters of the cyberpunk genre is Case, from W. Gibson’s novel Neuromancer. DeathBurger Josan González, illustrated the cover in Brazil, my tribute to this great Catalan illustrator and cyberpunk, who stands as a defender of the free flow of information. Decidedly opposed to intellectual property rights. A staunch defender of encryption technologies to guarantee privacy as well as electronic money and all modern digital technologies in general.

Ξ 0.35
Artist: Forlenza


Peace, Love and Freedom. NonFungible Power to the People!

The NFT ecosystem role and responsibility

Let’s think a little about our responsibilities, after this auction. We have seen in this event a blatant example of the potential of our ecosystem.

We are all part of an extremely dynamic and young environment, which already represents more than $150 million traded for a market capitalization of nearly $250 million (cf. NonFungible.com NFT Yearly Report 2019).

Projects, buyers, hodlers, sellers, we are all players of this impressive value generation. It is important to keep in mind that we also all have a role to play in defending the values of sharing, equality and humanity that have underpinned this ecosystem since these beginnings.

We are building a thriving ecosystem all together, let’s not forget to keep it as human as possible.

Thanks everyone!

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