How to create your first NFT?

We know that Non-Fungible Tokens are mainly used in video games or art. But is it possible to use them for other projects? Is it necessary to know how to code to use or enjoy non-fungible tokens?

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It has been more than two years since the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens really started to emerge and become more democratic within the Crypto community. Its use by developers was first adopted for collectible projects, then collectible-games, and now a much greater focus on real video games (Trading Card Game, equipment, terrains…).

Today these two fields are well anchored in the landscape and tools have been created to explain technical terms to the general public (Our NFT Academy) as well as the values (Market tracker by nonfungible.com).

However, we quickly realize that without coding skills, it can become quite hard to participate in this ecosystem other than by investing money in existing projects. Do you want to participate in the construction of this universe? If so, here are some very powerful tools if you want to develop your project using non-fungible tokens!

Marble.cards – 3 Ways to make Digital Art


Do you feel the soul of a creator? This chapter is for you! You should know that there are already several platforms for putting artistic works online. We talked about it briefly in our article “The art of NFTs” but let’s go into a little more detail:

The incubator: SuperRare

Launched in 2018, this platform allows you to register as an artist via the form available directly from their site. Once your application has been accepted, you can then certify your work on the blockchain to prove at any time that you are the author. All you have to do is decide whether you want to set your price or let someone else estimate the value of your work for you!

Characteristic of the platform: As an author, if your works continue to sell on the site, you will receive 3% of the amount of each sale made!

Fees: 10%

The community-based: KnownOrigin

Very similar to SuperRare, you can also register as an artist via the form on their website. You also put your work online and certify it on the Ethereum blockchain then set your price or let someone make a bid.

Characteristic of the platform: Their interest in participating in the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) as well as the possibility to buy the works directly with a credit card.

Fees: 3%

The multiplicator: Makersplace

Unlike KnownOrigin and SuperRare, if you want to become a creator on this platform you will have to contact the admins through their Discord server so that they can grant you the status of creator and allow you to sell your works. Otherwise, the system remains the same.

Characteristic of the platform: There is a possibility of “batch minting”! By putting a work online, you can sell several copies that will all have a unique identification.

Fees: 15%

Blockchain Art platform sum-up

These are the three best-known platforms of “mint” (creation of the Non-Fungible Token), but there are others such as Blockchain Art Exchange!

If you are already selling works physically but you have a certification service on the blockchain, we advise you to check out Codex Protocol. We had written an article on the subject when we listed them on the site, feel free to have a look at it!

Some tips

  • The scarcity of an artwork is one of its value’s criteria. Multiplying the same work on different platforms will therefore not work in your favor…
  • The identity of an artist is another criteria… the choice of the platform is to be defined according to your policy.

And after?

Once your artwork is transformed into a Non-Fungible Token, it’s time to expose it to the world!

Although the different platforms already offer visibility to your work, be aware that the doors of Metaverses such as Decentraland or Cryptovoxel are open to build your own art gallery, even if it requires the investment of a piece of land it has proven to be a great introduction to the blockchain art space.

We welcome you to advertise with NonFungible.com, please contact us and let us know your requirements and budget!

Building blockchain games Games

When we think of games, we inevitably think of video games when we think of Non-Fungible Token. But in the introduction we talked about the possibility of participating in the ecosystem without any knowledge of code.

There are many possibilities, from learning the code if you want to develop your own video game to creating board games!

Learning: Basechain / Loom Network

If you want to learn the languages used to create smart-contracts on Ethereum or Libra, one of the best ways is to go through the project CryptoZombies! They now offer many courses online and totally free of charge!

That said, this solution will only be useful if you decide to implement blockchain elements in an existing video game. And so, if you already have some knowledge of code… Keep reading!

Build the web3 and the metaverse

If the code is not your cup of tea, know that it is possible to create a lot of things with DIY builder tools. They are used to create decors, objects or other elements that can later become NFTs.


If you want to practice understanding the logic of actions in a game, Decentraland already offers a whole library of objects that you simply have to place on a variable size field.

Recently you can configure some actions that make the scenery interactive! We were telling you about it during a past event. If you already own a LAND, you will then be able to put it online on it.

All you have to do is come up with a gameplay so that anyone visiting your field can try it out!


With a “Minecraft” graphic style, Voxels offers the possibility to build your own universe on your own virtual land. You can already go and take a look at everything that has already been built without requiring an account or signup.

The Sandbox

Last born of the Metaverse, The Sandbox offers software (unlike CryptoVoxel and Decentraland which are on a web browser) that allows you to create almost any element. You can freely create the elements you like with a simple registration. This Builder is very game-oriented but can allow you to take a first step in 3D creation without the need to code!

You should know that there is a $2 million fund for the creators who have been selected by the team.

What about the others?

What all these platforms have in common is that they all have a well-defined theme. But what if you don’t recognize yourself in these themes and want to do something more personalized?

Let’s say you decide to create your own game (card or other) or sell tickets for a show in advance. There are already two serious tools that guide you step by step in the creation of your own smart contract leading to the creation of your NFT.


Mintable is free, accompanies you every step of the way and explains everything you’ll see on the screen. In case of a specific need without any knowledge of code, it can be very useful!

Let’s take an example that doesn’t exist (yet?):

  • I created an escape game. There are 6 rooms with one player in each room. 
  • I want players to finish the game by scanning a QR code from their wallet to receive the exit key.
  • The first one to solve the puzzles will be rewarded with a rare or expensive asset!

If, on the contrary, I want collaborative, the key will contain a QR code to be scanned on the door that will only open it once. It’s up to the players to find a way to transfer the NFT so that everyone can get out!

If you want to see what has already been done, feel free to take a look at their gallery.


Mintbase stands out because it is on this platform that tickets for the NFT NYC conference are sold or tickets for the MetaCartel Demo Day are sold. If you are looking for a way to certify your theatre, concert or cinema tickets, Mintbase guides you through the process of creating your Smart Contract.

Let’s demystify NFTs

This article aims to raise awareness and demystify a technical term that can be very blocking to explain the usefulness of Non-Fungible Token.

The concrete use-cases of NFTs are already a reality and this list (non-exhaustive of course) proves the possibilities offered by this technology.

The use cases around NFTs will multiply and going off the beaten track is one of the best ways for this technology to benefit as many people as possible. So we encourage you to develop your ideas, try, create and don’t hesitate to share your questions with the community!

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