Enter the interactive Scene contest in Decentraland!

Have you participated in the interactive scene contest in Decentraland? Here, we review the latest version of Decentraland 3D Builder, and the interactive assets it offers!

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We were all waiting for it, and it is finally here! The competition organized by Decentraland to build interactive scenes is launched since December 2nd, 2019, and will last until December 15th, 2019! Still with the Builder, this time the goal is to create scenes with interactive elements. 

For each relevant creation, you will be rewarded with 200 MANA. From the judged scenes, 45 winners will be selected to win LANDs and hundreds of thousands of MANA tokens.

Source: https://contest.decentraland.org/en/

New Features!

There is now a new flash icon in the inventory to tell you which objects are interactive. There are some in each of the themed sections, so you can start implementing interactive objects in your scenes according to your tastes!

In order to get to grips with the basics of this new function, Decentraland has made a tutorial:

This video explains the basics of the Builder, and how to:

  • Enable an action
  • Write text on panels
  • Activate an action from one object that affects another

You will discover how, when pressing a button, a trunk can be opened and pull a huge rock out of the ground! If you want to create even more advanced scenes, we advise you to watch this other tutorial in order to obtain more advanced interactions.

No Code, No Problem!

The tools set up by Decentraland for this new competition are accessible to the widest possible audience. Indeed, no coding knowledge is required to create interactions. You can play with the interactions between the different objects in your scenes without having to worry about technical difficulties. 

It should also be noted that a new theme has emerged: the Sci-Fi universe. Martian ground, space station, moon… it is a whole panel of the spatial imagination that now opens its doors to you! Martian ground, space station, moon… it is a whole panel of the spatial imagination that now opens its doors to you! If the choice of objects does not suit you, you can customize your scene at a higher level, while adding new ranges of NFTs accessible from your wallet.

This Decentraland contest ends on December 15th

The progress of the Builder gives us more and more surprises at each competition! Even if the last one was reserved for developers, it was to become more and more accessible to the general public for our greatest pleasure.

It should also be noted that from now on, the limit of objects is counted in number and no longer in polygons used in the scene. This change is really positive because some complex objects reached the limit of the polygons used very quickly.

So we look forward to seeing what the next competition will look like, perhaps in interaction with other scenes?

And what theme did you use for your scene? How did you use the possible interactions?

The contest ends on December 15th, so be responsive if you want to participate!

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