What does a video game using NFTs on BSC look like?

With the announcement of Binance's NFT marketplace coming up on June 24th, we wondered how many projects are using this protocol to host their games. Here’s a quick overview of the best that is being done at the moment on the BSC!

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Everyone knows Binance as a regulated, user friendly marketplace providing essential services for those who want to exchange cryptos, and soon, perhaps also an essential exchange for NFTs? This is the bet on which the platform has set itself, June 24th 2021, by welcoming a hundred artists and enabling them to publish their artworks in the form of NFTs.

In reality it was only a matter of time before this crypto giant got into NFTs: last year Binance had already taken an interest by distributing Digital Collectibles on Ethereum. Today the platform is looking to assert itself further into the space and is launching a marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain.

As BSC is best known for DeFI and less for PlayToEarn, the question quickly arises: how many projects are using NFTs on this blockchain? 

MOBOX : a complete ecosystem

Mobox.io is only a few months old but is probably one of the most complete in terms of the tools and games already available. Indeed, the project is intended to be a hub hosting a wallet, several DeFI games, PVP and market prediction game.

There is a fungible token utilised in the three projects currently available: The $MBOX, which is necessary to use to enable interaction with certain stocks and it is possible to obtain these thanks to the prediction game, Trade Action.

The project already has its own wallet, available as a plugin or directly on IOS and Android app. Only it’s important to know that only $MBOX obtained from your own wallet (such as Metamask) can be used in the different farming games.

Trade Action

mobox trade action

Trade Action is a simulation where you predict the price of Bitcoin in three different ways:

  • Simple Trade: With an initial (virtual) bet of $1,000,000, you can practice trading many crypto pairs. The goal is to have the best performance every 24 hours
  • Bull vs Bear: In 20 trials, plan whether the market will go up or down over a limited time. The more the market goes in your favor, the more points you will be able to accumulate.
  • Leverage Mania: In 3 trials, plan with an x200 in which direction the market will go. The greater your profit, the more points you will accumulate.

While the daily ranking of Simple Trade and Bull vs Bear allows you to get $MBOX based on your performance, this is not the case with Leverage Mania.

Momo Farmer

mobox farming

The core gameplay of Momo Farmer is Yield Farming. By participating in the different liquidity pools, it is possible to earn a number of keys proportional to the number of LPs Tokens owned and staked.

These keys are the only way to open the chests that allow you to invoke Momo, the NFTs of the Mobox ecosystem. Another way to get Momos is to buy them directly from the marketplace integrated into the game.

The usefulness of the Momos is twofold: on one hand they allow you to passively mine $MBOX and on the other they can be used in the game that became accessible a month ago: Token Master.

Token Master

mobox token master

Token Master allows you to use the Momos that you obtained previously in order to face other randomly chosen players. Each fight allows you to complete quests, getting the necessary scrolls so that the Momos can learn skills.

These skills are needed to obtain combat bonuses and allow you to gather gold coins at the end of fights. For the moment, gold coins are only used for betting on a wheel of fortune but perhaps they will have another use in future?

What to think about Mobox?

Despite the possibility of earning $MBOX with enough skills, the game seems somewhat unbalanced for new players

For example, this can been seen with the price gap between Rare Momos (about $10) and Unique (about $200). The price difference is explained by the momos ability to only evolve from the “Unique” rarity but the result is a flagrant inequality during PvP matches.

Perhaps the next game to be released into the ecosystem will include elements to overcome the inequalities between players but in the meantime, the price of admission has become very expensive compared to at launch.



MyDefiPet had a somewhat complicated launch because not all users had access to it at the same time. While some early adopters have managed to accumulate a lot of experience and resources before anyone else, they have also received rewards to compensate them for technical problems encountered during launch.

The game is present on both the Kardia Chain and the Binance Smart Chain.


MyDefiPet has a very similar gameplay to Dragon City: the goal is to acquire dragons so that they can then produce resources such as money or food. While money is used to upgrade or buy the game’s structures, food is used to evolve the dragons so they can produce more resources.

The game, which is still in beta phase, currently only supports farming thanks to its dragons. That said, several elements will complete the gameplay in future such as PvP or Breed.

In order to be able to acquire the first eggs to obtain dragons, it will be necessary to get $DPET by Pancakeswap to buy your first dragon

Even if it is possible to buy several elements of the game, for the time being it’s not possible to resell your NFTs or remove your crypto from the game.

NFT Boss Battles

nft boss battle

Behind this game with a minimalist design hides a gameplay ready to be enjoyed!

The purchase possibilities are limited to the NFT heroes available from the game’s marketplace and thanks to very affordable entrance prices for the first levels, a team can quickly be assembled.

Even so, if the entrance fees seem too high, the cheapest way to get a hero is to create a “starter hero” from the “My heroes” page.


NFT Boss Battles has gameplay primarily focused on boss battle. The concept is very simple, just send one of your heroes to battle after summoning a boss that is adapted to the power of the hero.

So it will take the participation of other players to overcome these powerful monsters, but as soon as the list is complete, the fight can begin, Once it’s over, not only will the hero gain experience but in addition you might even win a rarer hero!

As soon as a hero reaches level 15, he can evolve to win a new star of rarity which will make him more powerful and also his value will be increased.

That said, beware, the game is actually an experience and withdrawing hasn’t been announced yet.


Although the number of Dapps existing solely for the world of video games is extremely low, with Binance’s NFT marketplace (and surely others) the various projects using BSC will be able to have better visibility thanks to the behemoth that is Binance.

The question is not whether Binance’s influence will be enough for more games to become increasingly accessible to the general public who are already using BSC, but rather around the even greater centralization that this exchange uses within its own ecosystem.

Ultimately, NFTs on BSC will not be out of control of a third-party entity, but the question is yet to be answered, is this what Dapp users and developers are looking for?

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