Shaping Web3 E-sport with Heroez

As blockchain gaming in video games have opened up new possibilities for the world of gaming, we ask, is esports changing thanks to web3?

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The esports sector has experienced strong growth around the world during the past decade, with the sector becoming worth more than a billion dollars in 2021. One ongoing issue is the revenue that is generated by this industry suffers unfair distribution. A very large part is recovered by sponsors while gaming streamers get the smallest part of the cake and on the other hand the fan community doesn’t get anything at all.

Can NFTs change that? This is what Heroez wants to do by proposing a new way to create community around esports.

Who is behind Heroez?

Heroez wants to place players and especially their community at the center of their project. The founders come from the world of gaming and so can better identify and respond to the problems of the gamers universe. The team is composed of:

  • General Manager : Remy Bompar
  • CMO : Loïc Bompar
  • Art Director : Theo Nicolas
  • CTO : Nicolas Senecal
  • COO : Black Sheep

To be able to support them in this project, Heroez made several partnerships with The Sandbox, Polygon Studio and Gamerhash, to provide external advice with a team of eight advisors who will also be present.

What is the Heroez Project?

The project was born in June 2022 and has several objectives. The first of these is to decentralize the governance of esports teams through a collection of 3000 NFTs. These NFTs will make it possible to vote on the choices that relate to the strategies and direction the team will take in the future. Because that’s the first thing Heroez is all about: federating esports teams under the banner of “Web3”, all with a governance that is looking to be as horizontal as possible.

One of Heroez’s other goals is to highlight the value that fans represent. To allow this synergy between players and fans, a DAO will be created to allow NFT holders to organize themselves and propose governance choices.

In a community-based way, Heroez seeks to create a new form of esports team management that is more respectful of fan opinion while removing unnecessary fees and trusted third parties.

Benefits of Heroez NFTs

heroez NFT lightsaber

Heroez NFTs will have the primary purpose of creating a link between players and fans but they will also allow owners to obtain other benefits. Here is a small non-exhaustive list:

  • Exclusive commercial rights on the assets.
  • Access to Heroez physical and metaverse gaming house, and to esport centers worldwide thanks to exclusive partnerships.
  • Be eligible for airdrops as per the roadmap.
  • Walk around in the metaverse thanks to the 3D assets.
  • Access private events all around the globe.

Far from being limited to the virtual universe, many advantages will therefore be reserved for holders in the real world too. The fact that the commercial rights of the assets accrue to the holders of NFTs will allow them greater freedom if they want to develop their own brand in the future.

The next steps for Heroez

First of all, the first step to watch out for will be the mint that will take place on September 27th 2022. This collection will be the cornerstone of the rest of the project and the first decision will be submitted to the DAO very soon after the mint. This decision will concern the first game on which Heroez teams will play.

Here are the next steps of the project : 

  • Recruitment of players on the chosen game(s)
  • Search for sponsors
  • Participation in the first tournaments/scrims
  • Constitution of the DAO Councils
  • Implementation of a payment system in Fiat to prepare for wave 2 and to welcome the communities of our future players.
  • Developing the Sandbox Experience
  • Development of the Merch Heroez with our partnership with Fulllife

Otherwise, several partnerships have already been made with the biggest gaming projects in the web3 industry. The innovation that Heroez wants to bring to the world of esports is ambitious but far from impossible given the skills of the founders.

Do you know the value of your NFTs?

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