A quick overview of Parallel Alpha

What can you obtain by combining card games type Hearthstone, science-fiction and non-fungible tokens (NFT’s)? The Parallel game!

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What is Parallel Alpha?

Parallel is one of the 5 evolution flows which humanity has undergone after a certain devastating event.

The event called “Priming” caused the exodus of the Earth and humanity all over the planet has had to sacrifice all the resources to create a spaceship to escape. Humans are divided into 5 different colonies: Earthens, Marcolien, Augencore, Kathari et Shroud.

parallel alpha class

What is the Gameplay?

The goal of the game is to collect cards and build decks in order to fight with each other online. At the beginning, the game will be available on PC, but it is expected to become available for mobile phones as well.

The game is on its first stages of development and we do not know much about its gameplay. However, the Parallel has the potential of innovation for TCGs (trading card games) type and will add mechanisms of original games.

The basic gameplay will be 1vs.1 with prebuild decks. Each deck will consist of 40 cards approximately. The decks can be built with the mix of special cards of one of 5 colonies as well as with universal cards. 

How to use the cards?

parallel alpha prime key

In fact, you will need to assemble the minimum of cards to build a deck corresponding to one of 5 Parallels. You will need at least one full card game for each Parallel that you would like to embody. By the way, universal cards can be used with no matter which Parallel. 

The features and characteristics of cards Genesis have not been attributed yet. Development team would like to be sure that the game is balanced before attributing final values to the cards. They plan to integrate HP, XP and health points in the β set and following decks.

Each Parallel representing a colony will have certain characteristics and specific game styles:

  • Marcolians: Energy manipulation / Direct damage from solar technology
  • Earthens: Defensive / Control from nature
  • Kathari: Overrun horde / Combo from cloning technology
  • Augencore: Buffs / Composable units from salvage technology
  • Shroud: RNG (Randomness) / Control from blackhole technology

Although those archetypes will be basic ones, there will be a big pool of universal cards to allow players to fill no limits in their deck’s construction.

Acquisition of cards

parallel alpha marcolian artillery volley

The distribution of the “Genesis α” collection will be happening progressively. It has started with final launch of 15 cards during the presale on 25th of March and then during sales of first packs on 31st of July 2021.

Customers will have to wait in order to have an access to their packs and discover their content which consists of more or less rare cards. There were 3 types of packs: Core, Enhanced and Premium. At the launch, packs varied between 0,01 ETH for Core pack and 0,2 ETH for Premium one.

It is important to understand that Parallel will launch bigger editions of cards « Card Continuum (CC) » which will have more accessible prices, as well as starter packs for each Parallel. In theory, you will not need to spend millions of dollars to start playing!

Parallel Is Hard To Compare 

Can we compare Parallel to Gods Unchained? Is it a concurrent? It is hard to answer this question succinctly. Apparently, both of them are card games based on NFTs. For instant, Parallel is much more a curiosity rather than a game, but it will change soon during its progressive development. 

It is necessary to point out details and esthetics of Parallel’s cards. The artistic team is composed of Oscar Cafaro which has been working for Assassin’s Creed and Fortnite as well. He has also developed visuals for Blizzard, Gameloft and Ubisoft games.

Based on the roadmap, the 3rd and 4th sales of cards will take place in October 2021 and January 2022 respectively. The development of the game will start in November 2021.

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