A new way to build with Upland!

A new feature has arrived in Upland: the Spark! It opens the possibility to create community buildings.

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Upland is on the path to being the world’s largest blockchain metaverse, with over 150,000 monthly active users. Upland is rapidly creating the world’s first digital economy, where players can participate in a vibrant economy centered around property trading and in-game businesses.

Upland: a Web3 Monopoly

At its core, Upland is a metaverse mapped to real world addresses where players can buy, sell and trade NFT properties. San Francisco, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Fresno, Oakland, Bakersfield, Staten Island, Chicago, and most recently Cleveland, are all currently open in Upland, but you don’t need to be in those cities to be able to play: anyone across the world can join and buy virtual properties!

Think of Upland like Monopoly: users can buy up virtual properties mapped to real addresses, and each property in the metaverse is an unique NFT that can in turn be sold or traded to other players.

You can even develop buildings on your properties by staking Spark, an in-game resource token. These buildings can eventually be used to house in-game businesses that earn players a real income. And with Upland’s Property-to-USD feature, you can convert all your in-game earnings, whether through property flipping or business development, into real U.S. dollars.

Upland’s ethos is to follow the principles of an free, open market economy and utilizes the EOS blockchain to ensure true ownership of all assets. Once you purchase a property in the metaverse, it is yours. Each property that is owned in the metaverse earns an annual UPX yield of ~17%. For example, if a property was minted at 10,000 UPX, it will earn the owner an additional 1,700 UPX yearly.

Property Development Has Arrived To Upland

upland collaborative building spark

Property development is bringing a bunch of exciting opportunities to the Upland metaverse. Players are able to see the world’s first digital economy come into fruition, in the form of building construction, the introduction of in-game businesses, as well as new and unique ways for you to earn even more UPX and a brand new resource token called Spark. 

That’s right: you will now be able to develop your own buildings, decorate them in your way, and trade your land with what you’ve built included.

upland collaborative building

Spark ($USPK) is the token and the mechanism that will now be used for all kinds of exciting things in Upland, from building your properties to helping you get creative in an infinite number of ways, opening up more economic possibilities in the future. 

Spark is a token staked on the EOS mainnet, meaning that the owners of the token will enjoy the benefits of True Ownership. 

This means that your Spark will be entirely yours, letting you decide how you want to use it. $USPK is the second fungible token introduced into the Upland Metaverse, the first being $UPX.

Staking Spark

Spark is a utility token that is staked rather than spent, meaning that rather than having to spend your Spark in order to utilize it, it can be staked and received back once that activity is completed.

While your Spark is staked, the construction or manufacturing process can continue progressing. Once the construction is completed, your Spark is returned to you, letting you use it elsewhere!

Spark Hours

upland spark model

The building process is based on the amount of Spark that you stake. The duration of construction is priced in units called ‘Spark Hours’. 

Here’s an example – if a building requires 1,000 Spark Hours to complete, staking 1 Spark would translate to 1,000 hours for the construction to be completed. But if you stake 2 Spark tokens, that building would take 500 hours to complete. This continues on; the more Spark that is staked, the less time construction takes.

Upland boasts an in-game economy modeled after the real world, being the reason for construction projects to take longer than other casual builder games. 

While staking your Spark is overall a fairly complex mechanism, the game’s interface will make it simple for you. Once you decide that you want to begin construction on your property parcel, you will see how many Spark Hours are necessary for the building to be completed. 

You’ll start with a minimum Spark amount that must be staked for construction to begin, which translates into letting you know how long the project’s construction takes. 

Collaborative Construction

We’re introducing a highly exciting game function which may be entirely unique to the Upland Metaverse, which we’re calling Collaborative Construction

This will allow you and your friends to work together throughout the duration of your building projects. Your fellow Upland players can stake their own Spark to contribute to your project. There is no limit to the number of friends that can contribute to a project, but there is a limit of Spark that can be staked on a given project. 

Once the project is completed, all players will have their Spark Tokens returned to their wallet. 

This mechanism will help you and your friends to speed up each other’s building projects. Working collaboratively, you may find it possible to do even more, in a shorter amount of time!

Acquiring Spark

upland spark construction

Since Spark is such a valuable resource in Upland, we want to ensure that it is distributed fairly. We want active players to be rewarded. Initially, as a gift from Upland to you for participating in our beta phase and taking part in being some of the game’s early adopters, Spark will be given out through a community airdrop

It will be easy for you to pick up; you’ll see a pop-up when you enter Upland, and the Spark has to be accepted by you in order for it to be registered on your blockchain account.

The Spark community took place during Upland’s Genesis Week from June 7th to June 12th 2021. This week commemorated Upland’s history as a metaverse and featured a variety of events, giveaways, and livestreams.

In the future, we will make Spark available for sale, giving you a chance to register for the sale, so a set amount of the token is injected into the economy at once. And don’t forget: since Spark is staked rather than spent, every Spark Token that you earn, purchase, or compete for, will be yours forever!

The addition of Spark and property development brings a whole new world of creativity and economic opportunity to the Upland Metaverse. 

Upland’s 2021 Roadmap introduces even more exciting game features such as: a cross-chain NFT portal that will let you use NFTs from other blockchains in Upland’s metaverse, ‘Meta’ cars through a partnership with Cryptomotors and real in-game businesses.

If you want to know more about Upland.me, follow their Twitter, join their Discord, and enter the Upland metaverse here.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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