Mythereum: A Blockchain Trading Card Game

Do you like TCG and blockchain? Let’s discover the “OG” of this space!

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There are several Trading Card Games (card to play or exchange, like Pokemon or Magic) on the Ethereum blockchain so I did some research and decided to look a little closer of one of them – the first launched and the first playable blockchain – TCG: Mythereum.

This Medieval-Fantasy card game put the focus on PvP (Player Versus Player) battles, you will have to like playing against other players before going on this adventure! 

The game gives you the opportunity to play for free (and off-chain!) if you complete some tasks: 

  • Registering allows you to have your first cards. You can claim up to two more free packs to have 30 cards and create your first Deck. 
  • Claiming some MX (the In-game currency) to buy some of the Tournament’s tickets, join guilds, upgrade your HQ. All you have to do is complete a few missions available under your profile or play a free game.

You shall now evolve in the game without spending any money. But if you want to get better cards, you will have to take a look at Opensea, trade some on their Discord or buy an Awakening pack.

For this article, we have selected with care a bunch of bandits, mercenaries, thieves, and bards to discover the gameplay, how the economy works but, most of all, participate in battle!

Your Mythereum character

That’s it. You’re now a little gang leader ready to fight. But since there’s a beginning to everything, you obviously start at level 0.

In order to level up, you’ll have to fight or be an active community member! 

There is some talk about rewarding active users with in-game experience points, which if implemented, will make you more powerful simply by chatting in their Discord server. Even if you’re not a chatty person, I strongly recommend you to take a look over there, levelling up will be way faster this way than fighting with other players. 

Mythereum Cards

Before talking about the gameplay, we have to understand how the cards have been thought. And to illustrate my words, Mythereum gives us a very nice tool: an interactive tutorial. And what’s better than an interactive tutorial to make sure everyone understands how the game works?

If you prefer words than interaction, here’s a simple run-down:

The numbers at the top of the cards are the basic statistics. The shield is for defence, swords for the attack.

Basic statistics

The numbers in the bottom of the card will accumulate with the basic statistics on one condition: The numbers you see at the bottom of the card (in the blue square) must be equal or less than the numbers under your health (in the green square).

For example: if I had 3 magick points everywhere in the top, my card will use them when its turn comes (could be an attack or defence turn, depending on the activated skill), allowing the card to have 34 defence points and 47 attack points.

Pretty nice, no? Cards that look weak at first glance can become very powerful if you know how and when to use them.

So now, you know what are all these numbers and signs, let’s take a look at your hand.

Since there are only 5 cards placed in a hand, you’ll need to choose your strategy before starting a fight! The trick is to keep between 5–10 cards in your deck to have a better chance to start a fight with a more powerful team. It can be deadly to lose a turn to draw a new card, but sometimes the better strategy is to lose a bit of your health to earn some magick instead of losing all your cards… And the game as well.

Play to win

There’s not a lot of games giving you the opportunity to be rewarded for time spent in the game and the community without spending any money. But, Mythereum is one of them.

The economy of the game is based on two aspects: war and production. You’re going to say: “nothing’s new so far”.

What if I told you: Opensea is giving you the chance to make an offer in $MX?

Opensea’s offer for a Mythereum asset

This first promise being held, let’s move to the next question, the one about the game’s economy. Congrats to the team for making such a balanced ecosystem which let everyone have an equal chance: 

  1. You can choose to NOT bet anything before a battle and fight against the same type of your deck. Even if your enemy has a better deck than yours, the game will give you more health or magic point when your turn comes to give you a better chance. You will earn some XP and MX.
  2. You can raid a bot every ten minutes in the “War Room” from the “Stronghold” section. They are three types (Caravan, Barbarian and Dark Forces) and I find it pretty easy to defeat. You will be rewarded with resources (Wood, Iron, Stone…). 
  3. If you are brave enough, you can also try to fight against another player by trying to “Raid” their vault! Be aware that you will have to pay 10% of the vault’s value. If you raid someone for 30 MX, you will have to pay 3 MX.
  4. The “Production” part is passive resource mining. If you upgrade your different production buildings, you will earn resources every 6 hours. Obviously, you should upgrade your MX mine as fast as possible but remember the higher level you want to reach, the more other resources you’ll need to pay.
    Something else to keep in mind: you will need to have 10x the production’s value in your wallet to keep a 100% production rate. For example, if you have a lvl 6 MX mine and only 40 MX in your wallet, you’ll earn only 66% of the MX production.
    However, you should keep a high-level mine because your resources will balance after winning some games.
  5. The “Alliance” requires you to invest in a mutual production to share a percentage of the global alliance production every day. It will also grant you a dedicated channel in the Discord server.
  6. The “Tournament” is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting and active parts of the game. Mythereum runs them regularly (and sometimes partnerships with other projects like CryptoKitties) and offer decent prizes: You could win MX, rare cards, but also DAI! Therefore, you will need to create specific deck (Survivor, Kitties…) according to the tournament rules in order to participate in one of them

A good Trading Card Game for neophyte

The game is keeping all the promises they made: the players are the center of the gameplay and their ability to play against others is rewarded. If someone asks you which game to start with in order to understand the NFT and blockchain gaming universe, I will recommend this one for a reason:

Everything was made the crypto-neophyte and TCG lover to help them understand blockchain gaming and NFTs at their own pace… while having fun!

Have you played already? If so, what is your best achievement? If not, I hope this article will make you want to try it, don’t hesitate to give us feedback about your gaming experiences!

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