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Today I decided to build a city. More specifically, to participate in the construction of the city called MegaCryptoPolis.

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[update : this article is no longer valid since the release of MCP3D]

Today I decided to build a city. More specifically, to participate in the construction of the city called MegaCryptoPolis.

Not knowing where to start, I asked a friend who told me:

“Ah cool, I have a whole region that is waiting for that, all the road infrastructure is already set, you just have to build your stuff”.

Intrigued, I looked at the map he handed me.

He had not lied to me, there was indeed a whole road system, coastal areas, artificial lakes … but in this country the laws and taxes are rigorous and there is no question to mess things up building anything anywhere.

So I had a look at the local legislation to understand how they worked and it took me hours and hours to know how to carry out my project.

Presentation of MegaCryptoPolis

With already more than a year of existence, MegaCryptoPolis is a strategy/management game based on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes it one of the first decentralized city building game on the blockchain!

It is possible to play on mobile and desktop, in this last case you will need the appropriate wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, ImToken…) to connect to your account.

The various stages of presales (to obtain districts or parcels at unbeatable prices) have already passed for a while and their roadmap is already well advanced. That said, if you want to get into the CryptoPolis adventure, the team has released an extension to the game called “MoonCryptoPolis” which is based pretty much on the same concept but is still in the early stages of the game: buy a parcel.


Let’s get back on Earth, it will also be possible to walk through MegaCryptoPolis in 3D! It’s still in the demo stage but already looks pretty cool:

The presale that is presently on the site is the 3D version of MCP and you will acquire characters, pets and assets that will be used to develop a micro-economy to complete the in-game experience

The Gameplay

Here are all the rules that govern the economy of MegaCryptoPolis, there are 7 rules:

1 / The law of the blocks

First of all, you should know that each block on the card is a non-fungible Token (or NFT, based on standard ERC-721). It is unique because of its position, its type (grass, sand, water …) and the district to which it belongs.

It is on these blocks that your buildings can be built, but be careful though, all blocks do not necessarily have resources or are buildable.

2 / District law

Each district consists of a number of blocks. District owners have these advantages:

They have a fee for each payment cycle (every 24 hours)

They receive a share of each transaction taking place on their district

They can up to double the initial selling price of blocks (0.02 Eth instead of 0.01 Eth)

3 / The law of resources

Blocks containing resources are scarce and nothing can be built on them, but they are essential for the development of your city. Indeed, the resources will be used for the mining buildings, which will be used for the production, which will be useful for buildings providing energy …

4 / The law of buildings

Several types of buildings can be built in the game:

  • mining
  • residential
  • offices
  • production
  • energy
  • commercial
  • utilities (hospitals, police station, fire station)

Residential, utilities, and commercial do not need prerequisites for construction, which is not the case for Mining, Production, Energy and Offices.

Below we have shown the dependencies between buildings:

Prerequisites to build on your parcels

In order to upgrade your buildings, certain conditions must be met. Indeed paying the ETH is sufficient for the first levels of evolution, but to make it all grow it will have to diversify your wealth! The more structures you have, the more you will be allowed to raise your buildings in the sky.

Prerequisites to upgrade your buildings

5 / The Law of Purchase and Sale

The real estate world is very speculative and MegaCryptoPolis is no exception to this rule.

When you buy a parcel, prices around the purchased parcel will increase in an area of 7×7 parcels. When you buy or upgrade a building instead, there will be a small calculation to make.

To make it simple, let’s take for example a district with the maximum tax, at 100%:

To sum up, the more popular a neighbourhood is, the more it will cost you to build on your parcel.

6 / The law of taxes

For each action in the game, different taxes will apply when calculating the final transaction. Whether it’s buying a lot, a building, an improvement or if you’re destroying a building, a percentage will go into a global tax, to the developers, the district owners and the neighbours of your acquisition.

A picture is worth a thousand words, here is the distribution of the tax for the purchase of a block:

Taxes on parcels

This tax is then distributed between all players on a daily basis and in proportion to their level of influence in the game:

7 / The law of influence

The pivot of the game is the strategy, the influence share determines what you will receive in the daily cycle.

Depending on their diversity, their position and their level, the buildings have a higher or lower level of influence that can vary at any time: if land or buildings are bought next to you, a positive or negative variation will be experienced.

So, what will impact the balance of your neighbourhood? Here is a little plan for understanding influence war:

Our conclusion on MegaCryptoPolis

When we land on the map, we find ourselves immediately looking for a small secluded corner to avoid paying too much for his first land.

As you have understood it in the different laws, isolation is not the best option in this game if you want to be influential. And who says to get closer to others, says prices that climb very quickly.

If you really want to enjoy all the features offered by the game, you will need substantial investment capital. MegaCryptoPolis offer no real opportunities to enter the game to little investors (for the moment)

For example, with 0.35 ETH invested, it will be necessary to wait a few weeks before having 0.025 ETH which will likely be used to improve a level 2 building to level 3. And to pass from 3 to 4, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions which will add new fees.

The next update of the game will include a micro-economy that will facilitate the liquidity of funds within the game, and will certainly reach a new audience that will not have to worry about the macro-economy rules that govern the game.

Anyway, if you jump into the game today, you will have to assimilate the various rules of the macro-economy to manage your parcels and develop the right strategy.

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