Japanese Anime gets into NFTs with PlayMining!

Among the studios who have developed dApps using Play to Earn gameplay, PlayMining, part of the NFT space since 2019, has made great progress with the development of its universe, its latest feature is an NFT marketplace featuring 70 renowned mangaka artists.

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In the NFT universe, blockchain gaming, as well as the different possibilities offered by Play to Earn, is taking an increasingly prominent position. The concept is very simple, offering players compensation for their time spent in a game, based on their individual performance.

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) has developed three games in recent years which allows players to earn $DEP tokens by completing quests or placing themselves sufficiently in the rankings. These $DEAP can be invested directly in PlayMining’s NFT marketplace to obtain rarer and more powerful game characters and to achieve better performance in games.

But this marketplace is also the home to other interesting secrets: 70 Japanese anime artists can sell high-quality works and renowned IPs, such as Cobra and Vanguard, have offered NFT auctions on the site.

How does this ecosystem work and what are the possibilities offered by their marketplace?

What if your job was to play video games?

playmining games

DEA published the PlayMining platform in 2019 by offering the game JobTribes whose story is rather unique: that of a boy who does not have a job and dreams of making a living by playing video games.

After a short time, he is transported to a fantastic universe where he can summon entities to participate in the different battles and advance his quest. JobTribes  is a turn-to-turn strategy and RPG game where completing quests and recovering daily rewards allows you to redeem $DEP.

But this isn’t the only game available on PlayMining: there are also two other free games available with different styles:

  • Lucky Farmer : a coin pusher game based on luck where rewards in DEP depend on your weekly ranking according to the medals obtained and the number of Bingo grid filled or vegetables harvested.
  • PlayMining Puzzle : “Casual” type game where you have to solve different puzzles to be part of the top of the ranking in order to get rewards on a weekly ranking.

The particular aspect that emerges here is the interoperability that exists between the different games. Indeed, thanks to $DEP, it is possible to buy NFTs on the dedicated marketplace which improve performance when playing JobTribes or in other games.

One NFT Marketplace, multiple use cases

DEP nft marketplace

To buy these NFTs, the marketplace is the essential place to go to and thanks to the email connection that allows you to find your different account information, the content offered on this platform has greatly diversified over time.

At launch, it was only possible to buy different assets related to the world of PlayMining but little by little, the marketplace has expanded to accommodate different artists from the community until obtaining renowned IPs from Japanese Anime studios such as Cobra and Vanguard.

Today, it has become a must for PlayMining users to have characters that enhance their gaming experience. Indeed, each character bought on this marketplace will have a direct impact on the users gaming experience.

Playmining mechanics

Although it’s possible to buy NFTs directly from the marketplace, it’s also possible to participate in artist auctions who have been selected by the DEA team. Payment used will always be in $DEP and as mentioned above, the main way to get these tokens is to play the different PlayMining games.

It is also possible to buy them through various crypto exchanges and directly with a bank card. Another way to obtain $DEP is to refer friends who will need to be active in the game for you to get your reward. Moreover DEP staking service with up to 15% is now available!


Having specialized in the Asian market, where the use of smartphones is used to access various online applications, the community that has grown around the DEA universe has recently reached 1.2M registered users and it seems that the enthusiasm is not decreasing.

With the rise of Play to Earn, the free games PlayMining already offers, brings the opportunity to earn different crypto rewards thanks to the varied style of gameplay which appeals to the greatest number of players. 

In addition, thanks to the recent collaboration with two very well-known Japanese Anime studios, we hope that this has opened the doors to further collaboration with manga studios because it can be extremely complicated to access this universe.

Enough to say that the future looks bright regarding the impact of NFTs on the Japanese anime sector and even more so with the possibilities of  Play to Earn for players!

Links to PlayMining ecosystem:

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