From pixel to block: Voxies

Imagine Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars but with 3D cube characters that are actually NFTs! Voxies is both a play-to-earn and a free-to-play game that takes the form of a tactical RPG.

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What is Voxies?

Beyond appearance, Voxies have different classes and races as in an MMORPG, these are distinguished by several advantages on the field and will define the role of Voxies in the game. 

At present Voxies are used in the game mode Voxie Tactics, currently in beta. Each Voxie is a unique combination of different attributes with different levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary to Devine. 

In fact, each Voxie has 20 attributes in addition to a class and race! Players equip their heroes with items and accessories to help them on the Voxie Tactics battlefield. 

Voxies’ Classes are divided into two groups: Attackers and Supporters. These classes are further subdivided into subcategories such as Tank and DPS. Note that the Voxie class is not definitive and can be changed under certain conditions.

Voxies are also customizable with weapons, armor and other items, apart from the standard Voxies. This is a strong incentive for people to rent Voxies, whether to fight in the open PvP league or to farm with a better RNG rate and loot.

What is the Voxies’ gameplay?

Voxie is based on exploration gameplay in a dynamic world where you can interact with non-playable characters, complete quests and buy equipment.

Exploration is punctuated by arena battles against other players (PvP) or the environment (PvE) at the end of which rewards are distributed in the form of VOXEL and NFTs. Indeed, you can earn new weapons, equipment and even pets while playing.

In battle, Voxies have MPs (Movement Points) that are used for all actions in the game. Characters take turns performing actions. The player with the last character or characters still standing wins the game.

How to play Voxie?

voxies in game
Voxies – In game screenshot

To play, players will need to follow several steps: 

To decide whether to buy Voxies or not.

Buying a Voxies allows you to get Voxel tokens and to have an advantage in your progression through the game. However, having a Voxie NFT is not mandatory to be able to play and win rewards. Indeed, the game provides characters by default in a free-to-play mode.

Create a team of 3 Voxies

Players then collect and assemble Voxies, mixing the different types to form their ideal group of Voxies.

Participate in Voxie Tactics

Players can currently play in the Voxie Tactics mode to compete against other Voxies and earn rewards.

voxies party roster equipment
Voxies – Choosing your equipement

Every character can be leveled up, potentially unlocking more powers and features. Players can direct their character to conduct an action, equip an item, move around the map, or simply wait their turn.

Items such as guns and shields can improve a character’s abilities by providing greater power or armor. Players can set their characters on the map before a battle begins. As a result, melee and tank characters can prevent foes from reaching long-range attacks, for example.

Tokenomics of Voxies

The VOXEL token is the token of the game and will be used for all activities, such as purchasing new weapons, armor or items to use in the game. 

In the game, the VOXEL can be acquired by playing and completing various objectives, for example after each battle depending on the outcome of the battle. The exploration mode will also allow you to “discover” and collect VOXEL tokens. 

Classes and rarities

voxies team
Voxies – different classes

There are different classes of Voxies that are available to players. In terms of rarity, it goes like this. The game offers 10 different character races and 20 unique classes, each with its own powers and abilities:

Pirate – Samurai – Chemist – Timemage – Hawkknight – Thief – Monk – Druid – Bard – Ninja – Knight – Ranger – Necromancer – Warrior – Black mage – Priest – White Mage – Robo – Squire – Monster.

In terms of price, these classes of Voxies can be defined by their categories: 

  • Category A (Most expensive) = Pirate, Samurai, Chemist
  • Category B = Timemage, Hawknight, Thief 
  • Category C = All other classes.

The races in the game include Human, Doge, Fox, Zombie, Robot, Alien, Skeleton, Dragon, and Red Robot. Active and passive abilities are available to each race. Particular races are better suited to certain classes; for example, a fox has added dexterity as a passive skill and would be more suited to a class with dexterity as its major stat. These new abilities provide another layer to combat and team selection, boosting the variety and possibilities of builds.


Even if Voxies Tactics is still in beta, the gameplay is still surprisingly good.  The team is quite active and releases patches regularly. In other news, the parent company, Alway Geeky Games, also received a $1.1 million investment from Binance Labs in early March.

Voxie Tactics launched its Open Beta in March. The game already offers rewards for winning battles: VOXEL tokens and NFTs. It’s hard to find games in beta that offer such kinds of things. So, access to the game is free, don’t hesitate to take a look and go try the game if you like the concept!

The VOXEL token is available on the Binance exchange and is currently trading at $1.6.

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