From Pixel to Block: The 6 Dragons

Do you like 3D RPGs set in a fantasy world? This Enjin game was one of the first announced and thanks to opening to new players, we were able to try it!

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In a fantasy medieval world, you wake up in the middle of a seaside village. Your memories are cloudy and you do not recognize your environment. You decide to take your courage in both hands and go talk to a few people from the village. Sullen, they offer you little choice: basic equipment or save your progress.

You quickly realize that the austerity that reigns in the village is due to the monsters that roam around. Skeletons, spiders or undead, welcome to the world of The 6 Dragons!

Presentation of The 6 Dragons

The 6 Dragons is an Enjin-stamped game that presents itself as an “Open World” RPG with a first-person view. Alpha closed on Steam a few months ago and new players are invited by wave to test the game and report to the developers.

Like any RPG, you are going to have to level up your character by killing the monsters on the map to gain experience and loot. The distribution of skill points will determine which class your character will go to between Warrior, Wizard or Cleric.

During your hunt, you will find rare loot amongst common items. Be aware that these objects are tokens that will appear in your wallet and disappear after use! This is one of the possible functions of the ERC-1155 and The 6 Dragons use it in the keys that you can use to access the dungeons and arenas of the game.

You will therefore have to link your Enjin account to that of the game when you register so that the various objects that you will buy or obtain during your game appear in your inventory. The economy of the game is based on the possibility of creating the weapons and armor yourself that can become NFTs!

The game is not yet multiplayer yet, it is your individual strategy that will take precedence to ensure you the optimal conditions for victory!

Different classes of characters

The trio of available classes is the classic one: Warrior, Wizard or Cleric.

Your class depends on the skills you teach your character, there are several ways available to you: Would you rather become a mage with many spells, a warrior who can carry out massive assaults, or a cleric helping and protecting your allies?

Each level will earn you two skill points, it’s up to you to decide how you want to spend them! Be aware that your choice is not blocking: if you start venturing into the path of Mage, the warrior is not closed! And if you want to try a new choice of skills, it is possible to reset your skills in one click.

Here is the skill tree for the game:

The way of the warrior

The way of the warrior will take you to three types of path:

  • One will be very aggressive and will aim to cut your enemies to pieces
  • The other, more defensive, will aim to contain a maximum of enemies to allow the mage to destroy them all with area spells
  • The last concerns your statistics and will improve your health, strength or endurance

If you like physical contact and are ready to trust your equipment and your strength to slay many monsters, this way is yours!

The Way of the Wizard

The path of the Wizard will let you choose between three types of specialization:

  • Fire magic is used to do big damage, zone or individual
  • Air magic will weaken the armor of the monsters or put them to sleep
  • Water magic aims to slow or annoy your enemies

Depending on the type of strategy you adopt, the spells you cast will have a very different impact. If you want to gain experience quickly, fire spells are the way to go. But if you plan to team up with other players someday, maybe a support specialization might be better!

The Way of the Cleric

The Cleric will especially have spells of support and help:

  • The first way is that of healing, the spells that you will cast will allow you to heal or be able to heal from a distance
  • The second allows you to sacrifice your health for mana, and vice versa
  • The third is a way of improvement, which will allow you to increase your statistics (intelligence, dodge…) temporarily

Pivotal of RPGs, the balance of a group often depends on the presence of an effective healer!

The dungeons and arenas

On the map, you will cross portals of different colors on your way. These are doors that will take you to dungeons or arenas.

The only way to be able to enter these portals will be to have the key corresponding to its type. For example, if you come across a portal to a legendary-level dungeon, you will need a legendary key.

On the blockchain, these keys are “semi-fungible tokens”, i.e. you can get them by buying them via the marketplace or if you are lucky and manage to find them by killing monsters.

As you can imagine, the rewards you get in these special levels will be much better than those you find in the “normal” world. With better rewards comes tougher difficulty.

To avoid spoiling your precious keys, it is advisable to be at least level 10 in order to unlock better equipment from the seller in the initial village. Equipment that will be vital to dealing with the greater dangers posed in these levels.

Economy and leveling

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the way the economy was designed. Each object has its own level. You will realize that the level of objects is linked to the level of your character because you can only equip it if you have the necessary prerequisite level.

From the start you will see a large pillar next to the teleportation portal. This pillar is a “blockchain pool” and lets you know the availability of objects in the game.

Here is the distribution of objects and from which level you can equip them:

  • Lv.1 Items – Level 1 or higher players
  • Lv.2 Items – Level 10 or higher players
  • Lv.3 Items – Level 20 or higher players
  • Lv.4 Items – Level 30 or higher players
  • Lv.5 Items – Level 40 or higher players
  • Lv.6 Items – Level 50 or higher players

In the first part of the game, the area is for levels 1-5, so you will come across enemies from level 1 to 5 but the objects and dungeons will be level 1. It is highly recommended to be at level 10 before attacking a level 2 dungeon.

Most items are found by killing monsters in the game but, depending on your level, the availability of certain items will change. There is a difference of 7 between your level and that of the objects you can find. For example, if you are level 10 you will no longer be able to find level 1 items… you will therefore have to go to areas where the enemies have a higher level to continue to find objects!

This is where the economics come in, because you’re going to need different materials to forge new equipment. Materials which, if their level is too low, will no longer appear on enemies. You will therefore have to buy them from new players!

The next MMORPG-level?

Being a fan of fantasy-medieval RPGs, The 6 Dragons was a real pleasure to discover and play! I was able to find all the benchmarks that I am used to very quickly but, as the game is still in the alpha phase, several important features are still under construction.

Saving, for example, is not automatic if you quit the game. It will only activate if you chat with a villager or go up a level. Also, if you uninstall the game, you will have to start all over from the beginning! Only the semi-fungible blockchain tokens will remain in your inventory.

The economic system of the game is also very interesting because it is one that tries to best respect the promise of a balance between newly arrived players and those already experienced.

Most items can be purchased from the Enjin marketplace, or from Tusd directly in the game.

So this is a very promising game that is being created and we can’t wait for it to be available to as many people as possible! To help you better discover the game, we advise you to regularly look at the game blog where a lot of advice is given!


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