Enjoy the Monopoly of Web3 with Neoland!

If you like management games that use the real world to thrive, you'll love Neoland, the sequel to the geolocated mobile game Neopolis!

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Neopolis Presentation

Neopolis is a free-to-play mobile management game using geolocation to evolve. From the beginning of the game, the player is invited to virtually invest in real-world properties.

The goal of the game is to develop different services and improve its properties in order to exchange its properties and climb in a world ranking. The game now has more than 150,000 active players & 1,5 million+ downloads in two countries: France & UK.

The studio that created Neopolis is Revolt Games with a team of 16, leading the pack are:

  • Ben Kaltenbaek – Founder
  • Roland Lamidieu – Founder
  • Lucas Odion – Founder
  • Segolene Dreystadt – Art Lead
  • Matthieu Carton – Community Lead

With the new opportunities offered by NFT innovations, Revolt Games decided to go further in their concept with a brand new land-based gameplay: Neoland. Along with them in their adventure, we find names like Guillaume Verlinden (Managing Director Ubisoft), Frederic Montagnon (Arianee founder) or Hubert Thieblot (Ex-VP Twitch).

The Gameplay of Neoland

The sequel to the game was first envisioned during 2020 with the ambition of bringing a new economic layer to the initial game. Neopolis will remain a free-to-play game but Neoland will have two main pillars: being a business game and also a social game.  

In Neopolis, it was already possible to chat with other players and develop your business in competition against them. But in Neoland, the project is going to take on another dimension.

neoland how to earn
Neoland – How to earn?

Each individual Land of Neoland will be an NFT hosted on the Solana blockchain. Owning a LAND will open up many advantages such as passive income and also a very large number of other possibilities.

What was previously a virtual simulation of the real world in Neopolis is becoming a much more realistic management game:

  • All the revenue of Neopolis will be shared with Neoland’s owners.
  • All the revenue of future location-based games developed by the studio will be shared with Neoland’s owners.
  • A part of the revenue of future location-based games developed by other studios who want to build on an existing ecosystem will be shared with Neoland’s owners.
  • Stores will be able, if they wish, to offer services on this new map and revenues from stores will also be shared with Neoland’s owners.

It will also be possible to organize different events on its Land such as airdrops, temporary bonuses or ephemeral sales of skins.

Each Land will have a structure that can be improved according to three criteria: income, duration of events and characteristics of events. The higher these criteria, the greater the possibilities!

The Tokenomics of Neoland

neoland in game revenue
Neoland – In Game revenue

The fungible tokens of the game are called the $NLAND and its possible to earn them in two ways. First of all, the in-game reward mechanics that will ensure passive income.

Revenue from subscriptions, in-app purchases and advertising revenues will be pooled and then shared with NFT holders.

Of course another means of income will also be the purchase and resale of the Lands, some will be more prominent than others depending on their attractiveness and popularity and it will also be possible to obtain rewards through a staking system.

neoland tokenomics

To be able to access the LAND, here’s the important information to remember:

  • During the presale period, Landpasses will go on sale for $25 in SOL
  • Each land measures 737,000m2
  • The first sale will be 10,000 LandPass in France

Landpasses will be used to claim the LAND, which is then followed by choosing the map location on a first-come, first-served basis.

10% of the Lands will be reserved for the team for marketing operations and gifts and also to prevent investors who do not play. Some LAND located in major cities will therefore only be playable and cannot be obtained by investors.

Do not hesitate to join the universe of Neoland on their different networks: TwitterWebsiteDiscordYoutube

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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