Chainbreakers: RPG + Blockchain = Revolution

Role Play Games are coming to blockchain! How this technology can disrupt gaming? What can we expect from this new generation of games?

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Before talking about Chainbreakers, let’s re-introduce Decentraland shortly, the project mixing Blockchain & VR, where you can purchase virtual pieces of land on a very large map. :

Now, picture a grid slicing the whole map (except for the big white squares) in tiny squares. Every one of these little squares is represented by a $LAND token.

The point is that once you own a piece of $LAND, you can build absolutely whatever you want on it. A house, a business, a game experience, your imagination is the only limit.

So, why am I writing about Decentraland? A project popped in mid-2018, aiming to publish a strategic RPG allowing you to play and evolve through the Decentraland metaverse map throughout epic quests and battles: Chainbreakers.

Before reading the next section, please note something important: the full game will be released in two parts

  • The first one will be built on top of Decentraland
  • The second one will be a 100% autonomous RPG, though, you’ll be able to use all your assets and gear from the first version in Decentraland.


It will be possible to experience Chainbreakers through mobile, web and the game will be “Virtual Reality compatible” as soon as it is supported by the Decentraland client.

Here’s a little back-story to let you enter the game universe:

You just arrived in Ancient Greece and you’re starting to make some progress towards understanding what continent you landed on, Decentraland. You keep asking around you, people say you’re in the district of Chainbreakers.

You decide to start your journey and begin to walk in this new world with determination. After a while, you stop at a crossroad and loot at the red letters “Quests” on a wood sign next to the road. You take a closer look to find a hooked paper saying: “Bandits wanted, MANA rewarded”.

You take the paper with you, keep walking and stop in the first town on your way to recruit a Tank and a Healer. You don’t need anyone else, you’re already a mighty Fighter. After a full night writing down your tactics and a plan, you’re headed to the town’s store to repair and buy some equipment.

Two days later, you finally get back to town, victorious. The owner of the land himself is here to welcome us with a chest full of MANA…

… Here you are. Welcome to Chainbreakers.

The purpose of the game is to create an interactivity between players and LAND owners: owners will be able to host scenes that contain quests, treasures, stuff, monsters, and players will be able to travel the map to finish the quests and get MANA rewards.

We will see further the details, but in a few words: The better your strategy will be, the better the rewards you’ll earn and the best game areas you’ll be able to reach.

Now the concept is set, many questions are popping:

  • How to start a game and where to find equipment?
  • What will the gameplay be about?
  • What kind of inter-operability can we expect?

We have to answer these questions before opening the doors of ChainBreakers…

The Genesis

Before continuing, please have a look at the Roadmap

Game Roadmap

At the moment we’re writing this, the alpha version is about to go live. Everyone who participated in the crowdsale and got his Celestial Ring will be able to play this very first version of the game and help finish the balance of the game. You will have to wait until this summer to play the Beta and September to play an official and stable version of the game.

Meanwhile, you can enter this universe in several ways to check out what it’s going to look like:

  • the official 3D demo
  • the assets you’ll be able to purchase on Opensea
  • the crowdsale finishing at the end of May

Now let’s have a closer look at the items for sale: you will notice 6 characteristics. Every one of them is dedicated to matching to a specific role: Heal, Damage, or Tank.

Do you want to know what are the best matches?

Roles and attributes

You’ll get it, if you send a Tank equipped with a weapon of Wisdom or Tactic to the battle, he will be less efficient than a Vitality weapon or armour.

You’ll also notice that weapons have levels. Like every other RPG, you’ll need a level 12 character to equip a level 12 weapon to benefit from its advantages.

Take a look at their official article to learn more


Let’s focus on the game experience in itself:

You are a brave war commander leading different units through battle. Like every respected commander, you won’t go with your army when you’ll send them to battle.

Keep this in mind: when you are walking through Chainbreakers universe, you are actually on someone else’s Decentraland parcel.

If you are the owner, you will be able to “loan” your land to host quests for other players. You will earn a percentage of the daily dividend as a reward. 

If you are the player, you will enjoy the RPG-strategy mix this relationship builds.

Every time a player purchases an asset (army, weapons, upgrades…) in an area, the “Reward Stock” of this area will get bigger. A percentage of this Stock will be rewarded to each quest’s winner.

When we talk about strategy, we are talking about how you’ll choose to evolve your team and their equipment. You also have a few ways to make money:

  • finishing quests and claim $MANA rewards
  • renting your items to other players
  • renting your units to other players

The best thing to do with this money would be to evolve your team and equipment to a greater level to grant you access to other areas which give you better and better rewards. It might also make sense to level up other units in lower level areas to get your reward cut there as well.

And to make the game look like an MMORPG, the team already announced a more evolved version of the gameplay… so you just need to be patient to see our dreams coming true.

The future of Chainbreakers

There will be two modes in this second version: PvP (Players versus Players) and PvE (Players versus Environnement).

  • PvE: If you want to win some MANA, solo or with allies, you’ll have to travel through several worlds
    Since we are in an online game, I’ll recommend you to have a team made with various skills to raise your chance of success. For example, the quest may ask you to have a Heal unit equipped with Heavy Armor to kill your enemies easier. You can have up to 5 people in your team, so cooperation with other players will be vital, specifically for the endgame raids where 40 units are needed to begin the battle.
  • PvP: This game mode will be turn-based and your equipment will have another utility: the lighter your equipment will be, the more movement you’ll have. Therefore, the heavier your armour will be, the luckier you’ll be to strike a counter-attack. A “Rock-scissors-paper” (because classes are better or weaker against another) draw will determine the end of the fight. So even if your fighter starts the fight with a class-disadvantage, his equipment will allow him to rebalance the battle.
PvP Gameplay in Chainbreakers

An important gameplay aspect is about the weapon loot you’ll find at the end of a quest: their statistics won’t’ always be distributed plausible! You could find weapons having Intelligence / Vitality or Tactic / Wisdom characteristics which will not perfectly increase the attributes of the role of your unit…

It is your responsibility to properly choose your equipment before sending your troops to battle!


This strange word hides two things: the possibility to use your assets in other RPGs than Chainbreakers but more generally… everywhere else on the Blockchain.

The game relies on the Decentraland metaverse, allowing direct compatibility with other Metaverse experiences. And even if it’s already a nice feature, the team wants to go further and will propose more to its players: your character will save his abilities and weapon to evolve in other games as well as Chainbreakers.

For now, the team only talks about one licence, but let’s take the name of the game literally: the concept is to “break the chains”. Virtually hanging around from one universe to another, from one blockchain to another, crossing technological barriers…

THIS is the Chainbreakers challenge!

And we only wait for one thing: the game experience.

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