A voyage through space with Cometh.io

Have you been in the mood to lead a ship in space to mine asteroids that can reward you with crypto?

Florent D ·  · 08/24/21 ·  3 min

Do you enjoy space travel, mining asteroids and Earning crypto while doing so?

No problem, your career as the pilot of spaceship based on the blockchain will start soon! You must have heard of Cometh.io, a game that will challenge your ballistic skills. But before we go any further, are you sure you’re ready..? Well, this is what we discover during this article..

Presentation of Cometh

Cometh is a strategy game that combines non-fungible tokens (NFT) and decentralized finance (DeFi) and is based on the Polygon (MATIC) network. No matter if you consider Cometh to be an investment or as an engaging game, its clear that the potential is great either way. To start with you must control a spaceship that you must position properly in order to mine tokens.

Players should therefore move their spaceships (NFTs) across multiple Galaxies in order to mine the maximum number of comets. Each spaceship has its own unique characteristics, although all of them have a radar, a drill and a machine which produce bonuses depending on the mining zone, mining capacity, power of Rover and the charging time. Basic statistics for common spaceships are 15Km of mining zone, 100% of mining and 300 seconds of charging.

cometh spaceships

It’s important that players buy at least one spaceship, the minimal price of which is around $200. Although important not to forget that the game becomes profitable if the player has several spaceships and so owning one will just start you off playing.

By the way, players can also rent a ship for several days from other players which is the less costly way to get familiar with this game. As described in their whitepaper, players will soon have access to upgrades for their Spaceships and these characteristics will play a more and more important role.

The native token MUST is necessary for travelling across Galaxies, each movement will cost between 0.0003 and 0.01 MUST. In general, you will need about a dozen moves to be placed properly on a good trajectory of comets.

cometh jumps

What can you gain?

Players of Cometh can gain rewards in the « earn-to-play » kind of games. 

There are several possibilities to gain rewards:

  1. By playing the game and mining comets.
  2. By owning a spaceship in the Galaxy, which will allow you to gain MUST when other players use your ship to travel
  3. By putting your spaceship up for rent in the ComethRental. Indeed, if you don’t have time to play, you can rent your ship to other players.
  4. By depositing your rewards in accordance with the deposit program of liquid funds: Comethswap.

The rewards are usually paid in the form of LP tokens such as LP MATIC/ MUST. Those tokens are part of a pool of liquid funds under the games decentralized exchange (DEX). If you put LP tokens in those pools it will allow you to profit from an interesting yield.

Nonfongible.com team tips for a good start: 

  • Put the relatively low price of a jump to make other players use your ship to travel. In order to move around the galaxy, players must propel themselves thanks to the location of other ships.
  • Choose non-costly jumps to not spend too much Must (< 0,0004 MUST)
  • Use the combination Shift + Right click to perform multi jumps and rapidly cross bigger distances to get closer to comets.
cometh multijumps

More partnerships to come

Cometh is an interesting « play-to-earn » game for those who like the Universe of Retro-Geek. The gameplay is well thought through even if some can notice a lack of intrigue.

Apparently, the main attractive point of the game is the potential of earning money by playing it. However, you need to make some investment into buying various spaceships and be ready to spend several hours per day to gain profit. 

The main potential of this game is for the players to play a leading role, especially due to the organization of eSports Tournaments and the games different partnerships with DeFi projects (new spaceships and token distribution).

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