The NonFungible.com HQ in Decentraland is now open!

We've wanted it for over a year, now it's a dream come true: we have our building in Decentraland! Come and take a tour of the owner.

besancia ·  · 11/10/22 ·  2 min

Why Build Our HQ in a Metaverse?

We’ve been dreaming about this building for a while! We started thinking about the idea of a place to welcome the public a few years ago but let’s be honest, the bull run slightly disrupted our plans. However, our ambitions and objectives have not changed:

  • Have a place to find free information about NFTs
  • Be able to organize meetups to present our reports and answer questions directly
  • Organize AMAs
  • Exhibit different artistic works
  • Discussing the future of Web3

Why Decentraland? Historically, this was the first project we were able to follow on our Market Tracker. Then, it is in our eyes the virtual world that symbolizes the laboratory of experiments that is the NFT ecosystem. It therefore corresponds to our identity to want to continue to build tools that are always as close as possible to our community, in a community approach.

That’s why we asked Low Poly Models for their help to build the best building we could have ever imagined of. And additionally, our friends from DAPPCRAFT created some nice emotes and wearables we’re going to give away during this weekend!

Visit the NonFungible.com HeadQuarters

NonFungible Decentraland HQ Art Metaverse
NonFungible.com Decentraland HQ – Metaverse and Art Floor

The NonFungible.com Decentraland headquarters is divided into 5 floors, each with its specialty. Three floors, a ground floor and also, a basement! When you arrive at the entrance, you will be able to find the main information to contact us but also a display area for our sponsors.

Sponsor and Data Floors

The first three floors of our HQ are dedicated to the NFT market data and information display. The purpose of these floors is to provide a live integration of the data we offer on site. While the first floor will be reserved for potential sponsors, the next two floors will be dedicated to data display.

Roof Top

The rooftop can host conferences, WADA sessions or presentations of the various reports. The goal being to be as inclusive as possible, it will also be a question of hosting Q/A sessions or allowing artists or different projects to come and present their work.


The basement also has some surprises in store! We have created an entire space dedicated to education and information in the Web3 ecosystem. Regularly, we will update the articles that can be accessed and why not, maybe one day we will hold courses to know how to set up your community or share some tips for launching your projects?

A Space to Inform And Share Knowledge Together

This space will be our meeting place and meetings with the NFT community. We want it to be open to as many people as possible in order to create a space for exchange and connections.

While 2021 was surprising and incredible, we don’t forget that we’re still building the foundation for tomorrow’s web. What is called the “web3” is not yet precisely defined and it may take a few more years. That’s why we want to continue to encourage NFT experimentation labs like Decentraland and the initiatives that came out of it like DAPPCRAFT Agency or Low Poly Model.

To celebrate this event, we’re going to distribute some emotes and wearables for free ! Feel free to join us at the event 

We hope to see many of you there!

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