The Non Fungible Conference is back. Expect the unexpected

Non Fungible Conference, the leading experimental web3 event in Europe, is back to Lisbon for a second edition with a radical lineup and a lot of surprises.

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We were co-organizers of the event last year and it was an opportunity for us to meet the different European actors who are building the web of tomorrow. Artists, developers, investors, passionate or curious… Every discussion was rich and authentic.

“More” will be the focus of the second edition of the Non Fungible Conference to be held at the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes in Lisbon on 7 and 8 June 2023. Do you want more? Save the date on June 9, to join a 10 hour marathon Beach Party, powered by The Sandbox and Party Degens.

Here is what this second edition has for you, which promises to change the codes of conferences.

Digital artists in the spotlight

non fungible conference art exhibition 2022

Last year, the Non Fungible Conference was a forerunner regarding the place of digital art in an NFT event. Entire rooms and floors had been set aside to exhibit digital artworks.

For this coming event, more rooms have been reserved for art exhibition and the NFT ticket is called the NFC23 token, a 3D artwork created by two legendary artist: Coldie and Carlos Marcial, part of co-Editors Cult of Crypto Art.

In the first edition, the curators were the organizers. This time, the holders of the first edition of the NFC who were able to propose and vote for the artists exhibited at the event. 

An innovative new panel format

non fungible conference panel 2022

NFC breaks the rules by banning panels from their festival-style schedule. The radical switch to say bye-bye to the boredom of panels will celebrate guests through new formats such as community talks, art battles, debates, talent fair, podcast, music performances and masterclasses.

The event introduces the Blind Talks, an invitation for undoxxed artists and collectors to speak on stage, for the first time ever for some of them.

Expect exclusive content through a short movie, massive projections in a 600 sqm room enhanced by music, voices and lights. followed by a Q&A by these artists themselves. They will be hidden and physically present at the same time.

Among the anonymous actors, Muratpak, Cozomo de Medici, Mr Misang, Hackatao, Pascal Boyart, Basileus and WhaleShark already confirmed their presence to this panel format.

PrestigiousWeb3 partners who share NFC values

non fungible conference booth 2022

Innovative experiences, artists honored, a desire to break the codes, in an atmosphere of sharing good vibes at the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes in the middle of summer, the Non Fungible Conference understood the values carried by the NFT ecosystem. 

In order to show their support and trust for this new edition, the partners of the event are prestigious actors of the Web3: 

  • Ledger
  • Cult of Crypto Art
  • The Sandbox
  • BNV
  • Arianee
  • Exclusible
  • OVER

NFC have also teamed up with the stunning collections Invisible Friends, Rektguy, Chimpers, RugRadio, World of Women and invited rock stars artists and speakers such as Yuyu, Trevor Jones, Coldie, Alien Queen, Farokh, Dave Krugman, Shavonne Wong, Osf Rekt, Innamodja, Casimiro et Yuga Labs.

How to attend the Non Fungible Conference 2023?

The first thing to do is get your ticket! In a community approach, for genesis ticket holders, the entrance to NFC23 is free. It was possible to claim your free ticket until December 31, 2022.

Currently, a discount of 95% is active for holders of partner collections and for a limited time. And of course, we have 20 for you as well! If you’re using the code NONFUNGIBLE30 or using this link to buy your tickets, you’ll get the 95% discount.

Do not hesitate to consult their dedicated page, but watch out – early birds tickets don’t last forever. Also, Hotel partners have already been announced, so you can plan your summer ahead with private discounts in the city of Lisbon.


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