Our NFT.NYC 2022 Report

We went to the 4th edition of the NFT.NYC which took place in New York from June 20 to 23, 2022. Here are our impressions of the biggest NFT.NYC to date!

Connor Goodman ·  · 07/05/22 ·  3 min

Bear market, build market, maybe both. This year’s NFT.NYC happened shortly after a severe downturn in the crypto and stock markets that had the mainstream media questioning and in some cases claiming that NFTs were dead. This is not the case, and NFT.NYC was proof positive that the NFT market is going to continue to build, grow, and improve. 

The largest NFT.NYC to date

This was the largest NFT.NYC yet, and it came less than a year after the close of 2021’s conference (in November 2021). Over 15,000 attendees, 1,500 speakers, and 9 venues spread around Times Square and its neighboring blocks. There were 20+ categories for the three days of talks and events focusing on Art, Film, Music, DAOs, Fashion, Brands, and Sports to name a few. A common thread for the talks was building. Brands (Coach, Squarespace, Estée Lauder, The Philadelphia Eagles…) were sharing their experience and ideas on entering the NFT market, and how these ideas can grow and develop over the coming years. 

PFP projects discussed adding value to their community through Metaverse activations and collection-specific gaming. And the digital billboards of Times Square were inundated with graphics and videos featuring new and existing projects, artists, collections, and platforms.

These were all positive signs that although we might be in the middle of a bear market, artists, musicians, developers, thought leaders, and global powerhouse brands were continuing to explore next steps in the NFT industry. 

The long and hard way to the NFT conferences

While large numbers can be impressive for headlines, they can be a logistical nightmare for a conference. If 2021’s NFT.NYC was difficult to navigate and decide which events and talks one might attend, this year was near impossible. Everyone would have to pick and choose who they would see, and in doing so, decide who they would miss out on. 

The Marriot Marquis was a very impressive setup and location for the event with the 2nd through 9th floor allocated to NFTNYC operations; booths, lounges, exhibitions, dining, and multiple stages for speakers. 

marriot hotel nftnyc 2022
The Marriot Marquis Hall for the NFT.NYC 2022Photo Credit: Connor Goodman

Then there were side events in addition to all the official conference events! Art shows, after parties, musical performances, and even a secret party at a secret location whose coordinates were only provided to those who were brilliant enough to crack a code and solve a puzzle.

cyberbrokers store
CyberBrokers side event – Photo Credit: CyberBrokers

Spike Lee on stage at NFT.NYC

One very notable venue and speaker at this year’s conference was Radio City Music Hall, and the one and only Spike Lee. 

Granted, there was some small conversation about New York baseball (see the outfit), but there was also a great conversation on intellectual property, ownership, and drive /  grit versus talent. Spike Lee made it clear that there are plenty of talented people in the world, but the ones that stand out are those who “…put in the work, learn their craft, and do it!” 

He saw how NFTs were a new medium and tool to be used for creatives and those looking to get into film. The ability to self fund a film with an NFT collection really stood out, as he stated that funding is one of the most difficult things to accomplish when starting out as a filmmaker. 

As an added bonus Spike Lee also shared a wonderful story about his memories from his first NY Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

spike lee nftnyc 2022
Spike Lee at the NFT.NYC 2022 – Photo Credit: Connor Goodman

NFTs are not dead

NFTs are not dead, there are many brands and artists who haven’t even begun thinking about how they can utilize this new medium and capabilities for their products and creations. 

Maybe it’s a good thing that the hype has slowed, that the over speculative nature of flippers and money markets have cooled down? There are certainly many opportunities to be had in Web3 and from the looks of things we will continue to grow, build, and improve. 

Bear market? Build market?


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