The NFT Yearly Report 2020 is live!

In collaboration with L'Atelier BNP Paribas, we introduce the 2020 edition of the NFT Yearly Report: the most comprehensive report about the on-chain Ethereum non-fungible token ecosystem in 2020.

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Okay… so everyone publishes reports, even us and this is not our first one! But this time it’s a little different..

It’s likely you may have already heard about the 2018 and 2019 editions of our NFT Yearly Report. They were cool, that’s true, but we knew we could do better. Before we started work on the 2020 edition, we took time to reread our previous editions and something jumped out: if you didn’t know what an NFT was then it was too bad for you..!

So this year, we have taken steps to make the report as accessible as possible to the general public, providing explanations for each trend and each chart and not only focusing on the quantitative analysis of the markets but also on the people who make up this vibrant ecosystem!

Whether you are an NFT expert or hearing about them for the first time, the NFT Yearly Report is for you!

We were able to compare our market analyses with feedback from experts in the NFT space, notably NFT collectors, successful project Founders, CEOs, and renowned Artists, these include:

The report wouldn’t have been the same without their valuable insights!

This year, you have the choice between two versions of the NFT Yearly Report:

We’ve put a lot of work and passion into this report to make it the most comprehensive Non-Fungible Token research to date and hope it sheds new light on this booming industry!

What will you find in the NFT Yearly Report 2020?

1 – Key takeaways (Pro Edition only)

Don’t have time to read the full 140 page report in detail? That’s too bad! But don’t worry, for readers of the Professional Edition, we’ve prepared a summary of the 10 sections of the report to remember, in just 2 pages!

No need to thank us, its our pleasure..

2 – What happened in 2020?

2020 has been an extremely busy year for the NFT industry and it can be pretty complicated to follow everything. So we invite you to find all the highlights of 2020, game releases, announcements, fundraising, presales and much more.

3 – Global metrics

Before getting to the very heart of the matter, this section presents the global indicators on the performance of the NFT industry: including, Market Capitalization, total number of active wallets, volume of active Smart Contracts and more.

Below is a great forerunner before going into more detailed metrics:

NFT Market Capitalization (2018 to 2020)

4 – NFT vs Crypto Markets

How do the NFT Markets move in relation to the price of Gas, or when the value of Ether increases?

How has the Market Capitalization of NFTs evolved over time compared to that of Cryptocurrencies?

5 – Market activity

This section gives a detailed analyses of the performance of the NFT Markets, the distribution of activity between the different segments (Gaming, Collectibles, Metaverses, Art…) as well as the liquidity of the markets and the distribution between primary and secondary markets by segment.

This section also analyses indicators such as the Cryptocurrencies that are most used to buy NFTs and the growth of the number of high value sales. (> $ 1,000)

6 – Sales & trends (Pro Edition only)

This 6th section aims to provide all the explanations necessary to understand market trends, this time focusing on assets and sales.

In this section, you will find the highest sales by segment and by year, as well as the assets with the highest liquidity and the evolution of their price over time.

7 – Making a profit with NFTS (Pro Edition only)

Are you a trader? An investor? Planning to launch an NFT project soon? Then this section is for you!

In this section, you will find all the keys to understanding how the various stakeholders in the industry manage to generate profits through NFTs.

The most profitable NFT sale of 2020.

8 – Are NFTS becoming mainstream?

How many new wallets interact with NFTs? Did the 2018 users return to the NFT industry in 2020?

What brands and licenses are entering the NFT industry? What communities will they potentially join within the NFT ecosystem?

Breakdown of active Wallets according to their activity between 2018 and 2020.

9 – Community behaviours

Markets and economics are only a small part of the NFT equation..

In this exclusive section, we approach the NFT ecosystem from the perspective of the communities and users that make it up. This section was made possible thanks to the invaluable support of L’Atelier BNP Paribas, and to the invaluable information shared by industry experts: Rudem00se, Robbie Ferguson (Immutable CEO), or Jihoz (Axie Infinity Growth Lead)

Intersections between major NFT communities during 2020

10 – 2021 predictions (Pro Edition only)

To go even further, here we have gathered together the ten predictions from our experts on the events to expect from the industry in 2021 and which trends to follow closely.

Do you want to approach the 2021 NFT industry with all the required keys? If so come take a look at this section!

11 – Report conclusions

What have we learned from this research work? What position currently is the ecosystem in and what were the major observable trends during 2020?

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