NFT.NYC: let’s meet the NFT community!

2018 has been an extremely rich and busy year for NonFungible.com! We were born in March 2018, helping Decentraland community to track…

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2018 has been an extremely rich and busy year for NonFungible.com! We were born in March 2018, helping the Decentraland community to track LAND sales history. We have been the first tool providing transparency to the NFT market.

Less than a year later…

NFT.NYC: the NFT world at a single event

This major event in the NFT community will bring together major players in the sector: publishers (Decentraland, CryptoKitties, NeonDistrict), developers (William Entriken, the main author of ERC-721), and other NFT organizers like Coin.Kred and OpenSea.

The PlayStation Theater billboard will display statistical data from major NFT projects, powered by NonFungible.com, to educate New Yorkers about this new economy.

Book your ticket before January 15th to enjoy the Early Bird price. You can register on NFT.NYC website or purchase NFT “cryptotickets” through the OpenSea Marketplace.

NFTs: a whole new and autonomous economy?

NonFungible will present:

“How are NFTs building a whole new and autonomous economy?”

Based on the market history and statistical data of more than 150 NFT projects in 2018, we will highlight the economical strength carried by this new generation of assets.

Way more than just speculative items, non-fungible tokens mark a turning point in the perception of assets circulating on the Blockchain.

Meet the community

The NFT.NYC will be a great opportunity for us to discover new projects and meet passionate members of the community. We are really thrilled to meet you all during and after the event! If you are in New York the week of February 20th, feel free to reach us through Discord to have a talk and meet IRL.

MeetUps & events through 2019

NonFungible.com will take part in several MeetUps and conferences in 2019 to raise public awareness of the NFT ecosystem, and continue discovering new projects. We will keep you updated about those events as soon as dates and places are officially published.

Of course, we are open to ideas and proposals if you want to see NonFungible team in your events or MeetUps.

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