The NFT Art Report 2018-2019 is live!

Our team is very proud to announce the official publication of our report on art in the NFTs!The goal of this report is to give a clear and exhaustive overview on the situation of the NFT Art Space in 2018-2019.

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As we noted during our NFT Yearly Report 2019, Art has undeniably become one of the major Uses Cases in the NFT ecosystem.

What you will find in this report

This report aims to answer, independently and objectively, some the 5 main questions we have been regularly asked about the Blockchain Art Ecosystem:

  • How is the Blockchain Art market evolving since its first launches in 2018?
  • What is the distribution between primary and secondary markets?
  • How many collectors and artists in the Blockchain Art space?
  • What is the exact role and importance of Art marketplaces ?
  • How big is Blockchain Art compared to the overall NFT space?

NFT Art Global trends

Before going into the details of the analyzes, it is important to recall a structuring definition:

  • Generative Art: Art generated automatically by an algorithm, either by deformation of an existing visual, by automatic and random combination of a set of components (CryptoPunks, …) or any other programmable process that allows to generate a work through an algorithm.
  • Non-generative Art: Art created without the intervention of an algorithm.

The volume of dollars traded only in the NFT art segment more than doubled between 2018 and 2019 (+114%). 2018 was marked by the very strong presence of so-called generative works with the secondary market around CryptoPunks. 2019 has seen a massive take-off from the non-generative art market.

In total, more than 32,000 unique works of art were exchanged in 2019, only on the Ethereum Blockchain. Here we find the exponential growth identified on the volumes of dollars exchanged.

The breakdown between the Primary and Secondary markets was reversed, going from a secondary market which represents 82% of the entire market to only 48% in 2019.

This reversal between the Primary and Secondary market is the reflection of several things:

  • 2018 was a very early year for the Crypo art market, marked mainly by the massive circulation of CryptoPunks
  • 2019 was a year of development but still a year of “initialization” of an art market itself. Collectors build their collection, thus ensuring the primary market.
  • The secondary market is still very weak for these early days of Art Blockchain. This lack of liquidity represents one of the challenges that the NFT art segment will have to manage in the next stages of its development.

Art Marketplaces

Not surprisingly, the Art Marketplaces represent the nerve centers of the ecosystem. Our study focused on 5 of them:

SuperRare and KnownOrigin dominate the market by far in terms of sales volume and USD transferred. (Note that SuperRare was presented on another graphic in the Art Report, due to its very large volume)

Wallet diversification

Between 2018 and 2019, the behavior of buyers has changed considerably. The portfolios of the biggest collectors have gone from a very strong focus on CryptoPunks to fairly diverse wallets.

Although SuperRare became predominant in buyers’ wallets in 2019, these collectors hunt for marketplaces, looking for the work that will please them, the artist who will soon break through…

This community of buyers (sometimes wealthy) is in fact one of the engines of growth for this young ecosystem, but are sometimes also seen as “king makers” within the community of artists.

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Whether you are an artist, a newbie, a private investor, a Venture Capital or a traditional art collector, you had better follow the Blockchain Art market very closely over the coming months and years

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