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We’re providing free NFT data & reports to give you the most accurate overview of the NFT market. Here’s how to use our data and where we’re heading this year.

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We have been part of the Ethereum NFT Ecosystem since its infancy and one of our core ethos has always been to bring transparency and education to the space.

The financial element around NFTs, although an integral part, can go some way to distracting with hype from the innovative technology behind every new project.

We provide free NFT data and free market reports to give to everyone the most accurate overview of the NFT market. As with every other NFT builder in the ecosystem, our product is being improved on an ongoing basis. 

Here are some insights to assist with understanding how to use our data to its fullest potential and where we’re heading this year.

Which blockchains we’re tracking and how we use data

Blockchain Data tracked for nonfungible.com 2021 Yearly Report
Blockchain Data tracked for our 2021 Yearly Report

Today, we’re tracking the NFT sales on three blockchains : 

  • ERC-721 on Ethereum (no ERC-1155 yet), 
  • Flow
  • Ronin

All the data we’re using are coming straight from the blockchain. 

No API. 

No third-party. 

We run a full-archive Ethereum Node and develop proprietary technology to track all the NFT sales regardless of the project, currency, or marketplace.

We have read-access to the Flow network.
We are the longest-running validator of the Ronin network.

We currently track Ethereum, Ronin, and Flow but Ethereum data has been the only one displayed on the website so far. The good news is: the two other chains will be available shortly but that does mean the current backfilling is currently impacting the market tracker for the time being.

Our values: integrity, transparency & clarity

Every day, we keep improving our methodology and our tools in accordance with the “Web3 ethos”. 

Integrity in the NFT market is one of our goals.

It’s easy to be misled by data in our industry so we purposefully choose to only present to you information we are 100% sure of.

That’s why some marketplaces such as Rarible, X2Y2, or Looksrare are not included in our data. The reward offered on these marketplaces incentivizes wash trading. Therefore, we do not count these sales as legitimate. We look forward to presenting this data when we’ll have the tools to automatically identify the outliers in real-time.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our free “NFT Good Practices” guide.

We will always verify first: we do see every NFT collection when they come out but we choose to check the smart contract before adding the metadata to our database. 

To ensure data transparency, we build all of our own tracking & analysis tools.

This requires expertise and time, and just like any other technology-based activity, bugs can and do occur. We’re happy to discuss our methodology or what features should be added with you. Feel free to report any bug you might come across on our website. 

Finally, we aim to be as clear and transparent as possible with our audience. That’s why our methodology is explained in every report or analysis we release.

Our next moves

our next moves at NonFungible
Our next moves at NonFungible.com

A supercharged team

The tracking of new chains took us somewhat longer than initially anticipated. This is due to certain complexities which is to be expected with such fringe technology. 

But here’s the good news: we’re now listing new projects every week and planning to add more blockchains on our Market Tracker. 

Ronin was added for Axie Infinity in April 2022. 

Flow is included in our latest report.

So you can guess who will be next on our website… 

And they won’t be the only ones to be added this year!

Even if we’re not “testing in production”, there will be bugs and there will be backfilling sessions. We keep an eye on this and we’re always thankful for bug reports from your side.

We are proud to be so prominent and trusted in the space by so many newcomers and OGs alike. We’re still building out the tools we’ve imagined existing since 2017: a marketplace-agnostic NFT tracker to help everyone access the most accurate and complete NFT data possible. 

Building Web3 in a collaborative way is the only way we trust and we will continue to bring you tools and data.

What are the best performing NFT projects this week? Try our market tracker
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