Sport games and IP using Non-Fungible Tokens

When the possibility of combining sports games and blockchain is coming, how can you resist the urge to take an interest in it?

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From Ancient Greek to the present day, sport has always been a passion shared by humans. Competition, collaboration, surpassing oneself, staying in shape, dexterity, strategy, strength… so many reasons that exist to practice a sport! 

The definition of sport was limited for a long time to only one list for the Olympic Games. Fortunately, it has greatly expanded to other horizons and today, video games have managed to find a place.

There are already large licenses that produce sport-based video games as well as more independent studios, and this is reflected in the same way in the NFT sector! So what is the place of these actors in the ecosystem and what do they offer?

The “indie” games

Let’s start with the games that require skills… from players. You don’t have to be an athlete to understand how they work, but you have to love arcade games. Indeed, the concepts are very simple to understand but will ask you for quick reflex and thinking skills.



Although still in development and in the presale stage, 0xRacers looks quite promising. The team of 0xGames which is behind advances on the project by wanting to link several blockchains (Ethereum, Eos, Tron, Wax, Neo) on this game.

The goal will be to compete with the best tuning car on tracks of a planet of 0xUniverse. 

For the moment little information on how the gameplay will play is published, the beta is expected for Q2 2020. 

Battle Racers

Battle Racers

Directly hosted on the map of Decentraland, Battle Racers offers tournaments on their closed race tracks. All gameplay is automated and victory will depend on the weapons you choose at the start of the race to defeat your opponents or protect yourself with.

The numerous partnerships with other players in the sector (Light Trail Rush, CryptoKitties, etc.) have enabled a wide variety of personalizations for your car, but it will be the statistics of the car and the parts that will allow you to win.

Whether you have cars or not, if you wanted to try the game, the demo was available to everyone!

As it is a game using NFT in a setting that is itself an NFT, Battle Racers is probably one of the games that comes closest to the definition of “Blockchain game”.

Sponsored and Licensed games

Several behemoths in the sports sector are already very interested in the world of video games and have decided to invest in several projects. 

Unlike indie games which generally have little budget, the projects below are partly or totally financed by sponsors of international scope.

We must therefore be aware that ethics, issues and practices do not have the same scope.

MLB Champions

MLB Champions

One of the first games we listed on nonfungible.com! We presented it in March 2019 for the occasion.

It is the first MLB officially licensed game in the blockchain universe and truly a pioneer when it comes to licensed collectibles. Each character represents a player existing in the real world and the game economy is based on “play to own”. This concept highlights the collection rather than an “active” gameplay, so you will have to buy a “pack” to be able to start collecting your players.

F1 Delta Time

F1 Delta Time

The Formula 1 licensed game by Animoca Brands, gave birth to a racing game in which certain models have been used officially in the past. The acquisition of a car, parts and driver is done through the purchase of “crates” and the set will determine the characteristics of the car that you will compete.

All we know for sure about the future gameplay of the game is that it will be multiplayer with isometric 3D graphics, the tournaments will take place on an official track of Formula 1 2019 and will be in three stages: warm up, qualifying, and the final race.

Arena Golf

Arena Golf

Behind this golf game, we will find Warner Bros Media & Sport which is betting on creating “non-fungible” golfers.

As of this writing, the game is in the presale and developing stages, but you will find features on golfers. They allow you to choose which strategy you plan to adopt later.


Animoca Brands, having the license to use the image of FC Bayern Munich, has created a collectible game in the image of the players. 

The success (552ETH) of the auction of the legendary 24 cards quickly brought the project to light in the eyes of the crypto community.

The game is still in development, little information on the gameplay is available.



Studio having established numerous financial as well partnerships (Kima Venture, Consensys, Seedcamp) as with European soccer clubs. You will therefore be able to find existing players actually in the world of football in the game.

The game allows you to create a team of 5 players and make them participate in matches against other players but it will only be the strategy that you will establish from the departure which will determine your chances of victory.  

NBA Topshot

NBA Topshot

At this stage, we know practically nothing about this game, except that it was announced by the NBA and that the studio which will take care of it will be Dapper Labs!

We can’t wait to see what the creators of CryptoKitties are going to do with this license!


Unfortunately, there is, for the moment, very little means of tournaments for the games based on blockchain. But, it is likely that the recent arrival of these major players in the sports industry will soon change things!

You may have noticed, but most of the games are for the moment confined to the collection of cards bearing the image of personalities. Even if the presence of known players behind the games is reassuring if the presale fails, we can only advise you to learn as much as possible about the projects in which you want to get involved with.

E-sport competitions are video game tournaments offering players the opportunity to showcase their skills on different levels. We hope that the game experiences that will be offered at the end of the development will live up to the promise made during the pre-sales!

To conclude this article, an extract from a fable by La Fontaine:

“Nothing is useful to run, you have to leave just in time”

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