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The historic Korean license of Robot Taekwon arrives in the world of NFTs! Find all versions of the robot through the ages and much more.

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Robot Taekwon V PFP is a Klaytn-based 24×24 3D animation art using the intellectual property (IP) of Robot Taekwon V. NFTs will be minted in the same way like domestic and foreign projects and the only difference for this project is using the IP of Robot Taekwon V. In addition, this PFP NFT is unique in a way that it is made with the pure creative content which was made in Korea without imitating or dramatizing characters from overseas. 

The Robot Taekwon V PFP will offer 5 NTFs, featuring 1976 Original, 1982 Super Taekwon V, 1984 84 Taekwon V, 1990 90 Taekwon V, and 2015 Master Taekwon V, and will issue 10,000 NFTs all with different characteristics and attributes. It is expected that the characters will come back with splendid appearance as the unique parts are added to the existing characters.

Robot Taekwon V PFP will be launched on the official website on March 22, 2022.

What is Robot Taekwon V?

robot taekwon V history

Robot Taekwon V, which is the legend in the Korean animation industry, is Korea’s first robot animation directed by Kim Chung-gi in 1976. After the first movie released, several sequels were produced in 1976, 1982, 1984, and 1990, and gained popularity. 

For people born in the 1970s and 1980s, in particular, the Taekwon V was a hero of childhood memories. Robot Taekwon V was almost forgotten from the public in the flood of animation films, and faced the risk of disappearing as the first edition was known to have been lost forever. However, the original film was miraculously discovered and there were many opportunities to remake the movie but failed. 

Although the plan to come back again was canceled, there has been good news recently that the Robot Taekwon V, a precious memory and legacy, will be permanently preserved as a non-fungible token (NFT). The hero of the childhood like Superman, and the icon of the era will be born again.

The Robot Taekwon V Genesis Drop

robot taekwon V nft PFP

The Genesis Drop on the Robot Taekwon V PFP will be released on March 15, a week before the official launching. This is an introductory version of limited edition of Taekwon V NFT which were made with 3D work. The Genesis Drop will be a 6-day event, with one character released each day, and all proceeds made during this period will be donated.

Five pieces of Genesis will be donated to victims of wildfires in Uljin and Samchuk in South Korea, and the 6th special edition of Genesis will go to organizations related to Ukraine that are suffering from the war. Minting NFTs will be auctioned on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace.

DateQuantityPrice (ETH)Sales MethodPFP AirdropPFP Fixed Whitelist SpotPFP Non-fixed Whitelist SpotRemark
March 1511Auction111Donation to support victims of the Uljin and Samchuk forest fires in South Korea
March 1611Auction111
March 1711Auction111
March 1811Auction111
March 1911Auction111
March 202000.15Fixed price10 (Lottery)200 Donation to Ukraine

The Robot Taekwon V Roadmap

robot taekwon V nft traits

After launching the PFP, Robot Taekwon V plans to enter the Over The Top (OTT) service by making Robot Taekwon V animations. Also, multiple plans are scheduled; advertising with various media, characterization of Taekwon V games, entering the metaverse, and creating video contents for Taekwondo publicity.

Robot Taekwon V is Korea’s first animation character. The purpose of permanently preserving Taekwon V as NFT is to re-create the forgotten hero from the past into a new hero of the era. It is hoped that this project will settle down smoothly as a unique Korean representative character through various related projects rather than simply issuing NFTs.

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