The Walking Dead NFT Universe Expands With New 3D Character Avatars

The world was introduced to Walkers on Halloween night 11 years ago this year via AMC’s the Walking Dead. Since February 2022, ‘Walkers’ have inhabited Web3, wreaking havoc and terrifying everyone in their quest for consumption and destruction.

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As AMC’s The Walking Dead, the insanely popular series begins its final season on Sunday, October 2, 2022,visionary studio Orange Comet, a world class NFT company, is preparing the crypto world for the continuation of the series and its multifaceted storylines in a P2E Metaverse called “The Walking Dead Lands Universe.”

Orange Comet, starting on Wednesday, October 5th at 12:00 noon Pacific Time, will launch a mint for 5,000  3-Dimensional NFT Avatars of some of the main characters of The Walking Dead. These 5000 NFTs are the final piece to the P2E gamification of the upcoming metaverse. Will you be one of the  lucky souls to obtain one of these amazing pieces and be on your way to setting up shop in the The Walking Dead Lands NFT universe?

The Walking Dead NFT: Previous Drops

The Walking Dead NFT Collection by Orange Comet, is hosted on OpenSea on the Ethereum blockchain. The list of NFTs previously minted from Orange Comet’s  The Walking Dead NFT Collection include:

  • The Walker Access Pass – a “front of the line” ticket to free airdrops, allow list access and exclusive mints.
  • Deeds of Virtual Land in The Walking Dead Lands Universe. 
  • An Array of Unique Motorcycles modeled on elements from the Walking Dead Series 
  • Degenerative Walkers – a special breed of walkers that the mysterious CRM group has experimented on. Stage one degenerates into a new Stage 2 Walker and that to Stage 3.  At the end of the degeneration HODLERS will have 4 NFTs for the price of one. What are their powers?  We know one thing: these Walkers will be helpful in the upcoming Metaverse.

These mints are no longer available from Orange Comet. However, these highly-coveted NFTs can sometimes be found on the secondary market on OpenSea so it’s worth looking into if you’re dying for one.

The Walking Dead Avatars

the walking dead NFT avatar
The Walking Dead Lands – 3D Avatars

One of the main elements of this universe is the Walking Dead characters being represented as avatars that will help guide you through the upcoming Metaverse! Essential to interaction with the elements of the virtual Walking Dead NFT world, these avatars have been handcrafted in 3D. This first wave of NFTs will represent the most emblematic characters of the series (Michonne and her pets, Mercer, Rick Grimes, Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon…) and others are also planned. Imagine, playing in the TWD Lands Universe with Daryl Dixon as your guide? Or maybe tough as nails Carol Peletier to help you?  Many things can be possible in the upcoming metaverse.

There will be 10,000 NFTs for this project, which will be minted in two categories:

  • A 5000 pieces public mint
  • A 5000 pieces exclusive tiered mint reserved only for holders of the Walker Access Pass.

Several levels of rarity will be available, but to be guaranteed access to a rare NFT, you must be present 24 hours before the allow list and the public list go live. 

Information About the Walking Dead Avatar Mint

The Walking Dead Avatar mint will be divided into two parts. The first mint is reserved for existing Walker Access Pass holders and the second mint is open to the public. The price is set at $80 (adjusted in ETH at the time of sale) and the date will be October 5th 2022.

Depending on the number of Walker Access Passes held in the wallet, the time for mint will be different. Those wallets that hold 5 or more Walker Access Passes at the time of the snapshot will get 24 hours to mint their Avatar NFTs. A pass will allow you to interact with an Avatar (so 5 passes, 5 avatars). These holders will also benefit from a discount of 0.02 ETH over the $80.00 public price.

For owners of 4 Walker Access or less, the mint opening window will be 6 hours and will also have a discount of 0.02 ETH for mint. Finally, during the last two hours of the allow list, Walker Access holders will be able to interact with as many NFTs as they wish.

Regarding the public sale, the reduction of 0.02 ETH will continue to apply for holders of the Access Pass but the mint will be open to all until the supply is exhausted. 

For more information on this exciting drop visit: WebsiteTwitterDiscord

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