New drops on Crypto.com and lower minting fees!

crypto.com continues the development of its NFT marketplace with new drops and a special promotion until the end of the year!

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We talked in a previous article about the different collections that were launching on Crypto.com NFT. Artwork by Snoop Dogg, BossLogic, and the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ team dropped exclusively on the platform.

Today, world-renowned artists continue to offer NFTs on Crypto.com NFT, but equally important news has recently been announced: the reduction of buyer and seller fees in the Marketplace!

Low fees and minting open for everyone

The ability to mint NFTs directly on the platform was highly-anticipated by many users. Previously, you had to do so through the Crypto.com NFT team, but now, any user can fill out a form and become a creator!

The video above shows step-by-step instructions on how to mint your first NFT on the popular platform and sell it in the Marketplace. In addition to this feature, users will be able to enjoy lower fees for a limited time!

Until December 31, 2021, Crypto.com NFT is offering reduced fees for primary or secondary sales, from 5% to 1.99%.

New and future drops on Crypto.com

cryptocom drop
76ers NFT collection drop

New collections have followed one another since our last article and more are still to come.

The first drop of the Cryptoverse series was Lion Master. This collection is lion-themed and users had the chance to win token rewards and other prizes by collecting specific NFTs from the drop.

The second drop in the series featured Shiba Inu—a token that is now known to all! The Shibakun collection also included a special sweepstakes that rewarded Crypto.com NFT users.

Other excitinutm_sg drops are also in the works, including that of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, the UFC, and much more. Stay tuned for future announcements!


Thanks to the ease of minting NFTs directly on Crypto.com NFT, creators from all walks of life can now share their art with the world.

Drops on Crypto.com NFT are not only exclusive to users of the platform, but they also often include giveaways, redeemables, and other engaging elements, making collecting all the more fun. It’s no surprise that the secondary Marketplace is growing as fast as it is. 

Don’t hesitate to follow Crypto.com NFT on social media to discover the news before everyone else does!

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