The future of wearable NFTs with Crypto Watches

Among the many diverse and innovative use cases for NFTs in the real world, one aspect that has so far been very little explored is the area of connected smart watches and their digital skins. Crypto Watches has recognised this opportunity and their digital watch skins are indeed, Non-FungibleTokens.

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For humankind, individuality has always had its value. These days there are many ways to stand out from the crowd, one of the primary ways is with clothing and accessories. From wild self-expression, following trends, avant-garde or pure simplicity, everyone can adopt a style that best represents them. Among the everyday accessories that speak volumes about a person’s identity, the watch has long been an essential object.

Responding to an increasingly connected society, the Apple Watch was released in 2014, marking the first step in a rapidly growing market. 

Connected watches enable you to check notifications, answer calls, monitor your heart rate or count your steps. One of Apple’s great strengths has always been in their product design, and they used this to take their connected watches to the next level as luxury accessories including using gold for manufacturing and bracelets signed by Hermes.

Last year the world of luxury watches saw companies like Breitling take several steps forward into the world of NFTs, particularly in regards to the traceability and authentication of their manufactured watch parts. 

Crypto Watches have taken this new concept one step further, offering individual customization of their connected watch interfaces through the use of NFTs. So, how will Non-Fungible Tokens be used and what makes Crypto Watches of particular interest?

Presentation of Crypto Watches

Crypto Watches is part of a larger project headed by Watch Skins. While Crypto Watches is the name of the luxury NFT brand, Watch Skins is the marketplace and app where you can exchange, configure and customize your Crypto Watches.

The Watch Skins NFT wearables app creates a link between your connected watch and smartphone, and uses Non-Fungible Tokens in an innovative and original way. Indeed, until now there have been NFTs for games, art, virtual worlds and even domain names, but the Wearables and Internet of Things sectors have been so far relatively unexplored.

crypto watches release

With connected watches becoming increasingly widespread over recent years, it’s a natural move for the Watch Skins team, who are now offering several customizable interface collections. 

Crypto Watches is distinguished by the team’s desire to propel the rarity of a luxury accessory to the next level, and represents the first licensed brand on the Watch Skins platform.

This move caught the eye of The Brand Liaison who Watch Skins has partnered with, opening the door to negotiate onboarding other brands to this new application.

The first wearable NFT

cryptowatches wearable

One of the greatest strengths of the project lies in its ability to offer great freedom to its creators. Here are some of the features announced in their Whitepaper:

  • Changing face color and pattern, watch hands or number styles.
  • Customizing background images and “stickers.”
  • Template customization for different types of Watch Skins, for example, different custom templates that come with a collection.
  • Licensed Content and licensed content customization.
  • Built-in wallet functions for managing all NFTs.

Thanks to an integrated in-app wallet, the interaction with the blockchain is almost invisible to the end user.

Another interesting aspect is the ability to be able to sell and auction your watches to other app users from your Collection, there’s a whole community aspect that can develop between collectors.

Much more than just a smartwatch design app, Crypto Watches allows you to create an intimate, connected and humanly decentralized universe.

Several Collections

cryptowatches collection

The different creations available in the application will belong to unique collections. Each collection will offer a limited number of pieces and come with the additional freedom of to create a one-of-a-kind customized face, completely tailored to the purchaser’s own personal style.

The first of these, the “Gotham” collection is scheduled to drop July 15th at 9 AM PST, and is limited to only 5,000 pieces.

Although this first collection is delivered by the Crypto Watches team themselves, future collections will be licensed partner brands. In addition to these well known brands, Watch Skins will also be working with internationally renowned artists to create exclusive designs!

And let’s not forget the key features of the blockchain: the information displayed in the app regarding the authenticity and provenance of the skin can be verified because it is publicly accessible on Ethereum..


Watch Skins allows users to interact with the blockchain without even realizing it, and Crypto Watches speak directly to the world of luxury by offering a high-end product.

In a future article, we will dive deeper into the team’s related project, Watch Skins, the marketplace that allows you to buy and resell your NFTs, creating a secondary market that is directly accessible from the app.

With this new type of NFT combining a digital license, creativity and a connection with the real world, Crypto Watches is entering a market that has yet to be explored in the crypto ecosystem. If we take into account the tendency of luxury brands to take a close interest in NFTs, Crypto Watches could be one of the first applications to release a tool of this kind with the sky being the limit in possibilities.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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