Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult: A Runiverse of Wizardry

Have you heard of a sorcerer cult using NFTs to tell their story? The Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult project wants to create its own Runiverse, combining adventure and above all, proof of lore.

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Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult (FRWC) launched on June 30, 2021. Less than thirty minutes after launch all 10,000 pixel art Wizards sold out. Less than a year after launch FRWC has summoned attention from beyond its home realm of non-fungible tokens and expanded into traditional media. And at the time of publication FRWC ranks 41st among collectibles available on Ethereum according to our data. What is this phenomenon that has mobilized so many would-be wizards?

Storytelling, Intellectual Property, and Traditional Media

Some of the Wizard NFTs feature a pet in addition to the character. Some contain extra visual features like a scythe, and others manage to hold their own heads. All of them call back to 1980s video game art and roleplaying games. FRWC also looks to the future the community can create thanks to the project’s storytelling affordances. These features combine to form what Magic Machine, the project creators, call a ‘legendarium.’ What makes the legendarium different from other projects? 

A Hybrid IP Model

Magic Machine offer the holder of a Wizard NFT all commercial rights to that NFT. This hybrid intellectual property model allows community members to receive some of the profits from the forthcoming comic book, MMORPG, and television releases. The IP model also occupies a middle ground between Creative Commons (CC0) projects where no-one holds any rights and projects where creators alone possess intellectual property rights.

Web3 Fanfiction: The Runiverse

From the perspective of community and storytelling, Wizard owners have more at stake because they can add value to their Wizards by creating a backstory that’s verifiably theirs, yet within the overall narrative originated by the folks at Magic Machine. Each backstory created is a collaboration with the creators. This dynamic ‘Runiverse’ differs from Web2 fan fiction because authors have greater access to recognition and compensation for their efforts: the blockchain stores an author’s contribution for all to see.

What’s next for Forgotten Runes Wizards’ Cult?

In addition to the project’s rapid expansion beyond NFTs, Magic Machine has activated Forgotten Runes Warriors in the runiverse.

  • Comic Book: According to Forgotten Runes Wizards’ Cult roadmap 2.0, the first comic book will be issued in July of 2022. It will cover the larger meta narrative of the project, explain the magic system, and introduce characters.
  • MMORPG: Magic Machine has partnered with Bisonic Inc for a create-to-earn MMO. The game will be completely on-chain while drawing upon the expertise of folks from Maximum Games. Players will be able to battle, socialize, mint items, and quest.
  • TV Show: Magic Machine has partnered with Titmouse, creators of Venture Brothers and Big Mouth, for an anticipated hour-long show series. They’ve already chosen John Wick writer and creator Derek Kolstad to guide the series’ creation.

We’re excited to see what the design studio and community add to the project. What future do you conjure for the runiverse? Feel free to tell us on Discord or Twitter!

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