Exclusible and the future of NFT Luxury

The world of fashion is increasingly interested in NFTs. Exclusible offer turnkey solutions to create a bridge between collectors and luxury brands.

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This year more and more luxury brands are showing an interest in NFTs. We have seen Burberry create skins for the game Blankos, Karl Lagerfeld create figurines and Dolce & Gabbana their own collection of NFTs.

We can also mention LVMH and other major brands that have partnered to develop their own blockchain. All these elements indicate a strong interest in the world of luxury towards NFTs.

In this context Exclusible has decided to launch their own premium marketplace in order to offer digital luxury content. Who is the team behind this project and what are the next NFT drops that will take place exclusively on this platform?

What is Exclusible ?

Faced with an increasingly connected public presence on social networks, the world of luxury and fashion has had to reinvent the way it communices to new generations. Even more so since the successive global lockdowns.

What was yesterday a purely physical universe has today been forced to adapt and innovate to be able to continue to offer products in the virtual universe. This innovation is Exclusible who intends to bring us this new world through their exclusive partnerships and an easy-to-use premium marketplace.

From the launch of the project, Exclusible secured funding of $2.2M to ensure this dream becomes a reality. Within two months, the project was able to not only surround itself with renowned advisors from the world of fashion and luxury but also experts who also joined the team.

The world of luxury covers many areas, which is why Exclusible decided to focus on four segments: supercars, watches, fashion, and jewelry.

Presenting the Exclusible Team

Exclusible’s current great strength lies in their team of experts who already know the secrets of fashion and luxury. Some advisors have joined their ranks but first, let’s take a closer look at who is in the core team of this project.

The CEO : Thibault Launay

Some know him under the hat of the investment fund NFT Blackpool, Thibault is also an advisor for the OVR project. But he is also a great collector of NFTs as well as a lover of vintage collection watches.

The CCO : Olivier Moingeon

Olivier holds a BA from GEM Business School and a Masters from Warwick University but his professional career is just as remarkable. Having worked for 18 years for luxury brands such as Cartier or Goyard, he also created “The luxury week” which reviews the trends of this universe.

The CTO : Artur Goulão Ferreira

Founder and former CTO of Utrust, one of the largest crypto payment platforms, Arthur is above all an enthusiast of the blockchain and its ecosystem. He previously worked in several cybersecurity and fintech companies such as Easypay or Privus in Portugal.

Other Exclusible’s team members:

To complete this team of experts, several other members have joined the project:

  • Joana Rodrigues, designer with 12 years of experience, will take care of social networks and communication.
  • Olivier Bureau, entrepreneur with 15 years of experience who is the Chief Digital Officer.
  • Pierre Guigourese, Chief Product Officer, also invested in FingerprintsDAO. He advised Deloitte and KPMG for 8 years.
  • Sara Teixeira, who is in charge of Content Marketing and Future Insights. She has worked with TikTok, Vogue Business or Galeries Lafayette and will take care of the monitoring of current and future trends.

Tailored for future luxury brands drops

Exclusible’s mission is to help luxury companies promote their digital content to the next generation of web users. To achieve this, NFTs are one of the most effective means to do so but require knowledge to implement, both at the technical and the audience to be effectively targeted.

To ensure that the link is made, Exclusible offers several services to support luxury brands interested in the platform:

  • Creation and Design: with a dedicated graphic team, design needs will be covered by highly skilled professionals.
  • Advisory and Utility: to be sure to have the NFT that meets specific needs.
  • Distribution: A way to market NFTs to the biggest collectors.
  • Marketplace: cornerstone of the project, it will be online by the end of 2021.

The objective is to create the first NFT auction and exchange platform linked to the world of luxury. And for that, Exclusible first offers support solutions so that in the future, major brands can use their platform to promote products to a targeted audience.

The Exclusible Alpha NFT drop

For collectors, Exclusible has also thought about its community. Thanks to its Alpha NFT collection, exclusive content and other privileges await those who possess Exclusible’s NFTs.

The NFTs in this collection will allow access to a higher status in the community and will offer certain privileges. For example, being able to pre-register for exclusive drops and also access private chat channels in their Discord.

Impossible to say in advance who will be present in these shows but perhaps you will have the opportunity to talk with world-famous celebrities? Also, having these alpha NFTs will make it possible to obtain exclusive aidrops and the possibility of obtaining real collectibles with RFID chips.

Exclusive content, opportunities to get in touch with the world of luxury, carefully curated airdrops..don’t  hesitate to join the Discord community for more information on their upcoming drops!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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