How Curio NFT is connecting with fans?

Curio is going to the NFT.NYC this year! This will be the opportunity to connect with them during this big event.

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 Curio is a premier NFT platform partnering with the biggest names in entertainment. Whether you’re a crypto-native or have never purchased an NFT, Curio makes it easy to participate in and build NFT collections. Curio’s mission is to leverage the power of blockchain to connect fans to the artists, characters, and stories we know and love.

How Curio is connecting with fandoms?

Curio has brought storytelling and fandoms of traditional entertainment and brought it to the metaverse. While NFTs are often created as their own entity and community, NFTs can be used to engage new mainstream communities based on their familiarity and utility.

There is great potential for expanding fandoms through the use of NFTs and Curio’s only begun to scratch the surface on opportunities in this space. With a fan first mindset, here are a few of the ways Curio is connecting with the NFT community through increased outreach in IRL and via our partnerships this month: 


NFT.NYC 2021

NFT.NYC, the leading annual Non-Fungible Token event, is happening the first week of November and Curio will be there live to interact with fans on a personal level. It’s not every day fans can translate the metaverse to an IRL event and NFT.NYC is one of the first big NFT events Curio is participating in to meet fellow community members and fans. 

Not only is Curio hosting a booth inside the conference but collaborating on an event with Knights of Degen and NFT Redzone for a night of entertainment and gaming at Slate NYC. During the event, Curio will engage live with the broader NFT community and announce exciting new projects to the NFT world. RSVP HERE


Curio Mars attacks
Curio & Mars Attacks

Topps is one the most recognizable trading card companies in the world and Curio has partnered with them on one of their most iconic collections, Mars Attacks

Topps released the original Mars Attacks trading card series in 1962 featuring illustrations by artists Wally Wood and Norman Saunders. The cards follow a science fiction plot of a Martian invasion of Earth with scenes of battles and attacks with humans and martians. 

The series was both an instant classic for its timely depiction of fears around war and conflict, as well as controversial for its graphic images of combat. The iconic imagery has been immortalized in card rereleases, comics, film and popular culture for decades and is now recreated as collectable NFTs.

The next stratosphere of fandom

Curio recognizes and appreciates the appetite of diehard fandoms and communities in the NFT market and is always looking to expand and amplify. Curio seeks to onboarding the broader public as well as the crypto native community to journey to the next stratosphere of fandom in the Metaverse.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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