Bourbon + Racing + NFTs = Party Horses!

Some bottles of Bourbon are rarer than others. Party Horses is working to bring Bourbon and the Kentucky Derby to the Metaverse!

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Presentation of Party Horses

Party Horses is a collection of 10,000 horse avatars in festive colors coming soon! Horse lovers and fans of the Kentucky Derby rejoice, and get ready to own your own NFT horse! 

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, the horse racing capital of the world, the Party Horses team came together around very simple goals: “Use Web3 for good, have fun, create beauty, destabilize the disappointing, and collaborate with others to build amazing things.”

The project was co-founded by two entrepreneurial horse racing super fans: Justin Delaney, a serial entrepreneur and Brook Smith, a philanthropist and racehorse owner.

To accompany them in this adventure, they’ve put together a lineup of professionals to help them accomplish their goals. :

  • Izaak Prats, an experienced software engineer whose pedigree includes Meta (formerly Facebook).
  • Joey Wagner an event planner
  • Camilla Staerk and Helena Christensen creative consultants

Many others, including other Louisville-based Web3 enthusiasts have joined up with the Party Horses team to help make it a reality!

The Party Horses drop

party horses

The drop will contain several surprises for its users. Its first digital event, March 1, 2022,will allow the first 2000 early adopters to mint a special “Pregame” NFT. This NFT will enable you to obtain a bottle of special edition bourbon from Maker’s Mark (provided if you are 21 years old) as well as Whitelist access to the public mint.

On March 15, the party really begins. Participants who have minted the “Pregame” NFTs will automatically be whitelisted and also be able to mint at a discounted price. 9700 Party Horses will be available to mint.

It is important to note, that among the 300 NFTs that cannot be minted that day, 100 will be reserved for the team. 100 NFTs will be given away during parties and marketing events. 100 NFTs will be placed in the community treasury. 

What’s the roadmap for Party Horses ?

party horses makers mark bourbon

In addition to having the opportunity to participate in private parties in New York City or St Barth’s, there will be events hosted in Horse Country (Louisville) in Kentucky, at some of the best horse farms in the world. These events will be accompanied by special surprises and POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocols).

In addition, several airdrops will be made to a random group of 400 NFT holders on April 15 – these lucky individuals will have access to Party Horses’Kentucky Derby Horse Party! An exclusive event only available to those randomly selected for the airdrop!

Also, Party Horses will airdrop a special accessory to all NFT holders who “Win” the derby – if winning rider number is inscribed into the smart contract on their NFT.

Finally, and most importantly, Maker’s Mark’s collectible Bourbon bottles will be made available for a select few This collectable bottle can be claimed during the big party to be held in the fall of 2022.

Find all the informations regarding Party Horses: DiscordTwitterWebsite

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

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