Sir Anthony Hopkins Launches NFT Collection with Hollywood Studio Orange Comet!

Sir Anthony Hopkins’ latest venture doesn’t involve the Big Screen, but delves into the world of NFTs with his new partnership with Orange Comet.

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Iconic Movie Actor Entering the NFT Space

Since 2020, we have seen the arrival of many players from the film industry in the NFT space. At that time it had become impossible to meet physically in studios due to lockdowns and NFTs opened up a new way for many artists to continue to express themselves.

Anthony Hopkins recognized this very quickly and was one of the first of his peers to create a film by integrating NFTs into his creative process! The film Zero Contact was made remotely and the NFT owners could participate in the making of the film. Many NFT initiatives with films have emerged over the past two years, experimenting with new ways of reinventing cinema.

After the collection that was related to the film Zero Contact, Anthony Hopkins decided to go further into the Web3 ecosystem and released The Eternal Collection NFT on October 13th in partnership with Orange Comet.

Orange Comet Partnership with Sir Anthony Hopkins

This is not Orange Comet’s first foray into the NFT space, indeed the company has already partnered with AMC’s The Walking Dead’s NFT collection and recently announced expanded partnership to include Anne Rice’s: Interview With The Vampire television series.

On October 13th, it will no longer be a question of cinema but of a new artistic collection with this mint on OpenSea, hosted on Ethereum. Indeed, Anthony Hopkins is not only a film actor but also a painter, with a style that has evolved over the years. Following on with the continuity of his journey towards digital, the artist once again is moving towards NFTs to express his art.

This collaboration led to the creation of The Eternal Collection consisting of 1000 unique NFTs.

The Eternal NFT Collection

The Eternal Collection has been inspired by the different iconic roles Sir Anthony Hopkins has portrayed during his storied career. Included in the NFT collection one will find the ‘Jester,’ ‘Lover,’ ‘Ruler,’ ‘Rebel,’ ‘Giver,’ ‘Hero,’ ‘Explorer,’ ‘Creator,’ ‘Magician,’ and ‘Sage’.

For the uniqueness of the creations to be preserved, the supply of the collection is relatively low: only 1000 NFTs will be available for sale. In addition to different levels of rarity, here’s what The Eternal Collection will contain:

  • 10 Unique and random 1/1 Signature Animation NFTs, each featuring a different character archetype. 
  • 990 Unique 1/1 images based on the 10 archetypes (99 variants for each archetype)

Each of these NFTs are legendary, but the 10 unique 1/1 will allow you to have a Zoom interview with Anthony Hopkins as well as a Dreamscapes Art Book. This art book will allow you to better understand the life and intimacy of the actor through these different visual, written or musical works.

The Benefits for Holders

anthony hopkins nft collection

This will also be the case for 39 holders of the other 990 legendary works of The Eternal Collection to be drawn at random and will receive the art book. Other benefits await these holders randomly:

  • 100 of them will have a special message in the form of an NFT directly delivered to their wallet.
  • 5 will be randomly chosen to join an intimate discussion with Sir Anthony Hopkins (via Zoom)
  • 1 will be selected to have a once in a lifetime one-on-one zoom with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Sir Anthony Hopkins has also announced his partnership with Inner-City Arts. In alignment with their mission “to engage young people in the creative process in order to shape a society of creative, confident, and collaborative individuals,” he has pledged a donation from the proceeds of The Eternal Collection to support their cause, quality arts instruction for students from underserved communities, integrated arts workshops for educators, and programming designed for the community through The Rosenthal Theater in Los Angeles.

For more information on this unique drop, do not hesitate to check out:


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